Tarte Spring 2015 Collection

Editor Press Samples: Hey Beautiful Dolls! I hope you all are doing great and prepping yourselves mentally for Spring. Because you know I am I can not stand this cold and snowy weather any more chilis! Plus I love it when all new products start rolling in to the shelves and that means we have new toys to play with.

 It's Tarte's Anniversary and they released their  Tartelette collection where all the packaging is their classic purple with gold confetti sparkles all over. I happen to love the packaging!!

 The 2 products from their newest limited edition collection that I have for you today is their blush in celebrated and their butter lipstick in ethereal pink. I already reviewed the all matte eyeshadow palette and I will link that at the end of the post so you can check that out as well.

Tartelette Amazonian Clay 12hr in Celebrated

 Tarte is famous with their blushes they are highly pigmented, long wearing for me they last an 9hr work day. The texture is silky smooth the product just clings onto your brush. The packaging to me is always so cute and chic and the embossing on the blushes just add a personal touch from Tarte. That is  my generalized personal opinion on Tarte's blushes and their performance to the packaging.

 Even though the packaging for this entire collection and this blush is to DIE FOR! The color in the pan looks gorgeous,chic, whimsical, perfect for the Spring and pretty much all year round. This blush is just like all the blushes I have tried from Tarte in performance and longevity but the color is non existing  for my skin tone and I have a strong feeling for skin tones that are from light medium to deep.

The shade just blends right into my skin  I was able to intensify the intensity of the shade with a primer for swatching purposes. In my everyday routine when I use this blush to build up the color for the shade to even show up on my skin  I have to add a dab of primer on top of my foundation on my cheeks then add the blush for that nice peachy pink warmth to my final look. That's to much extra steps in my personal opinion to use this blush to get the color I would killed to have.  For a blush that is for their Tartelette Collection that embodies all women's true beauty I wish they would have gone with a more darker pinkish peach shade  then this lighter version so it would have been a more universal color for ALL skintones.

 So that being said now here's what I have been loving about the blush, I have been using it for a natural contour because I am a beginner at the whole contour game so this has been helping me practice contouring with an extremely light skin tone shade. I also have been using this product for a transition shade in my crease, as well as a inner lid color and upper brow bone color.

Overall it has that great performance Tarte's blushes has to offer but! the shade should have been darker for all skin tones in my personal opinion so it could have been more  universal to embody all of their Tartelettes.
This blush gets 7/10 Fierce Snaps

Amazonian Butter Lipstick Ethereal Pink

Ethereal Pink is a satin finish rosy pink shade that is your lips but better type of shade. Very moisturizing on the lips, you can build up the color intensity. Only lasts about 1-2 hours on your lips with your normal talking and drinking. This is a lipstick  that you will have to reapply constantly  but  the color is very gorgeous that I don't mind it! I am happy with the color selection Tarte choose to go with because to me and my personal opinion this is a shade that is more universal for all skin tones. It's a nude shade that will go with any looks from day time to dramatic and good for all year round.

 Overall this lipstick get's 8/10 Fierce Snaps

Well dolls let me know if any of you have tried out these 2 products do you think your going to be picking anyone them up. Also if you have a deeper skin tone than I do and you picked up this blush please tell me what are your results when wearing the shade. I know when I tested the blush on my mom who is a medium tan skin tone and  you could barely see it.

 Thanks for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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