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 Press Samples: Hey beautiful dolls Happy New Years! I hope and pray 2015 is off to an amazing start for you. If you are a frequent shopper at Ulta or Sephora you would start to notice that they are all about skincare in the month of January. While some of us live in areas that are dry, freezing, and snowing and our skin starts to get affected by the change in weather. Pacifica is all natural 100% vegan and cruelty free.

   Pacifica carries a full line of   beauty, skincare, perfumes, body lotions, shower gels, makeup products you name it they got it. They also carry a very extensive line of kits & sets! And if you know me I am a huge lover of kits/sets. The set that I have for you today is their Indian Coconut Nectar Body Wash and Body Butter set.

 I am a huge coconut fan I love anything that is or has coconut but not when it comes to my beauty products because with some companies the coconut smells to chemically processed and to harsh. Well the dolls at Pacifica made Indian Coconut Nectar smell delightful!

This set contains 1 body butter and 1 body wash both in full size for $20.

 The body wash texture is really creamy and lathers up nicely, so you are actually  getting a hydrating moisturizing shower while really cleaning your body. Sometimes you get "this smells amazing" but you are not really getting the deep cleanse that you need. When you get out of the shower your skin feels silky smooth and starts to feel more and more hydrated and moisturized after each use. The soft scent also lingers on your skin for the whole day and it is not to over powering that if you apply your favorite perfume you will get a weird concoction of scents going on. 

The body butter's texture and consistency is thick like any other normal body butter. The butter starts to melt into your skin once you start massaging in the product. If you have sensitive skin, dry skin, any skin problems of that matter you will see results within a few uses of the product. It does  a deep  moisturize to the inner layer and on the outer layer of your skin so your getting improvement in both ends. The scent lingers on your skin like the body wash and is not over powering as well.

 After each shower I like to pile on the butter on my skin especially on my feet and hands. Once I have lathered my up my skin with the product  I like to put on my tightly knitted socks and mittens and keep them on for about 20- 30 minutes for a deeper moisturizing treatment.  And trust me dolls doing this Pacifica spa at home routine has really helped my dry chapped skin. 

 Well Dolls that's it for this feature on the Pacifica set let me know if you have tried this scent/ products or tell me your favorite Pacifica scent.

And if you would like more product and purchase information about Pacifica's products and collections just click on the link to be sent to their shopper friendly website.

 Thanks so much for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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