Start 2015 with a New Makeup Collection Featuring OFRA Cosmetics

Press Samples: Hey Beautiful Dolls! The New Year means going out with the old and saying hello to the new! Every start of the new year I purge out my old makeup and like to start a new makeup collection. If you have not heard about OFRA cosmetics then you really need to perk up those ears and listen up about this amazing brand. They offer everything from skincare to makeup that are made with cutting edge technology and each and every product's performance will blow your mind on how amazing they perform. If you ask anyone in my life from family to my office they will tell you I am OFRA'S unofficial ambassador lol. This brand is a brand that everyone needs to have in their makeup collection. I can not stress that enough! OFRA is a brand that is universal for all skin types and skin tones. 

 So today I have some products that will be an amazing makeup starter collection for 2015 so let me show what amazingness I have for you!

 Mosaic Powder in Roman 3D blush/highlighter  offers a mix of different colors from pink,mauve,beige, and  light brown. You can use each color by themselves for eyeshadows, highlight blush or swirl your brush around for the perfect mauve color in a semi satin matte finish. That will warm up your complexion and is very universal for any look your going for from everyday to dramatic out in the town looks. It reminds me of Mac's melba blush that is also very versatile. The product is pigmented, long wearing and silky to the touch. If your starting out with your very first collection or your like me and starting a new collection for the new year I highly suggest this blush due to the fact it is a universal shade for any look and any skin tone. 

Another universal blush that will go perfect for every single doll out there is Charm. 

 This color is a gorgeous dusty rose natural blush. Will add warmth and definition to your cheeks can also be used as a great natural contour shade as well. Silky smooth to the touch, clings on to your brush so a little tap of your brush on the product and you will be able to dust both cheeks without having to build up the color. This shade can also be paired  with any day and dramatic looks which leads it to another perfect blush for a starter kit for a beginner or your new year makeup collection.

If you are obsessing over peach then dolls I have a blush for you! And that my dolls is Peachy Paradise

 If your all about peach like I have been dolls this blush should be on your shopping list like two weeks ago! This is a satin finish blush that  is packed with an amazing color pay off. Once it's blended out, it will leave you looking vava voom I am a super model walking down the runway look lol. It gives you dewy highlighted cheeks and I have paired the blush with natural eyes and dramatic eyes and I love it. Some people might like this shade  for a fresh faced sweet and innocent  look but I personally love how the whole finished look ties up  when I am rocking a sultry eye. I have even used this blush as an eyeshadow on my lids and inner corner of my eyes and ugh dolls it looks fabulous! 

 In any makeup collection from beginner to veteran you need to have a primer. A primer is must have because it will lock in and prolong the length of wear and making the product more opaque. If you have ever painted a room in your home you would know you  must prime the walls before you paint them. And that goes the same for when you are applying your makeup. A complexion primer will help even out the skin tone and correcting our flaws from enlarged pores to keeping our oilyness at bay. The Face Lifting Flash primer will do all that and then some. 

 This primer is in a skintone based shade that will even out your skintone and correct any of your flaws. But what's really special about this primer is the fact it will give you the apperance of youthful skin and making it appear like you really got a face lift. Like if you had a shot of botox. I know your probably thinking it's far fetched but it really does transform your skin.

  Now in every collection you must have foundation there's so many types of foundation products out there to choose from it can get over whelming from liquid to mineral from tinted moisturizers galore. Liked how I rhymed lol. OFRA's DD Cream is a perfect complexion product on it's own and could also be used as a base to liquid and loose foundations. I personally like to use the DD cream as a base to my OFRA foundation stick. And on some days I  use it on it's own. 

 The DD cream will even out your skintone making your complexion look flawless with a luminous glow. If I could say that if you took an HourGlass Ambient light highlighter and turned it into a liquid foundation this would be it. Some products that  give you that dewyness that we all love but the final out come makes your skin look like oily cityville. The dd cream is a light to medium  buildable coverage and feels super lightweight on your skin. Only down size to this product it can be a little bit messy. Now to the serious part about this product I have been having bad reactions to my medicines and it's causing my whole body system to go hay wire from being sick to feeling extremely tired to  the right side of my face swelling up and to my skin having a chemical meltdown. Now I can't hide the swelling and the other stuff but when I am having a semi decent day and  I have the energy to put on makeup and hide the major chaos on my face I have been relaying on this dd cream as a base to my OFRA stick foundation on top to hide the major breakouts I have been having. None! of my other foundations have hidden the major breakouts so those 2 products are my lifeline for staying fabulous at the moment. 

Any collection needs a killer gel eyeliner and OFRA hands down makes the best. They are super creamy but not to creamy that they will slick off. Very pigmented and long wearing once they set the liner will not budge even if you get caught under the rain or cry your heart out! Another major plus there is a whole range of shades to pick from. 

In any makeup collection the main base or core is eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes. Eyeshadows are where the magic happens. You can create endless looks become someone totally different depending on the mood your in. I feel that makeup is an art and we are the Master painters basically I just love the creativity of it all. When picking eyeshadows we want and need! them to be super pigmented, long wearing, doesn't crease, easy to work with in packing on the color and blending them out. The list goes on, some want only matte shadows some love rocking glitter to the core. Finding that right eyeshadow and palette is a whole lot of fun for makeup enthusiasts but for beginners it can be overwhelming. 

 OFRA has recently came out with their I-palettes in mini and a full size these are the Apple I-phones of palettes. With these you can depod your eyeshadows or buy single eyshadows and make your own customized palette. They have a a magnetic bottom so your shadows,blush,highlighters will stick on to them making it  it super fun to create your own palette and  to take on the go with you if your a beauty on the run going to work,school or traveling. 

 The shadows that come with the Mini and the bigger Pro I-palettes are to die for! They beat Urban Decay shadows out of the water and we all know Urban Decay shadows are the best of the best. But these are nothing like them they are a million times better.If it's in a swatch or a brush  and you lightly tap you get a burst of color just from a light tap! Imagine over primer or picking up more color the intensity gets to be crazy. The texture is so smooth and silky, they do not crease and even after a 9hr work day your eyes look like you just applied your shadows. 

PS: The swatches in the photos are taking with out any primer

In the bigger I palette you receive 2 blush colors on top of the eyeshadows.  The blushes really pigmented and long wearing. And the eyeshadows well you already know how I feel about those


 Dolls look at those colors! The Marsala shade is perfect for a deep sultry lid color or in your outer v, but the winner winner chicken dinner of all the shades is that blue! Perfect shade to pop in your water line or wet your angled brush and create a fun cat eye. 

 Well dolls if your a beginner looking to start a makeup collection or a veteran like myself who loves to start our new collection for every year or every season lol. OFRA offers high quality performing products in a great range of shades,finishes that will suit any skin tone and any color likes. 

 Let me know in the comment section below which OFRA product you would love to add to your collection.

 Thanks for stopping by until next time xoxo- C

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