Soap and Glory The Big Clean Collection Review

Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In it Two Minute T-Zone Detox Scrub and Face Soap and Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash review from their 2015 collection that you can purchase at Sephora.

Editor Press Samples: Soap and Glory is one of my favorite skincare and beauty brands that I love getting from Sephora. They offer a huge range of products for skincare, bath and body and some beauty/makeup products. Alot of the products are made to specifically target some of our skin imperfections which are made with cutting edge technology, dermatologist tested, does not contain any parabens,phthalates while being made with amazing natural ingredients that will treat and protect our skin's surface. 

 January has been the Big Cleanse month for Soap and Glory and they have released 4 limited edition products to Sephora stores,

 All of these products are made to clean out your skin, add nourishment, and transition your skin from the harsh winter months to the warmer seasons that alot of us are dying for them to come!!! I know I am! 

Full Collection Line Up:

This limited-edition, luxurious facial wash smooths and purifies for super clean, fresh, and bright skin. With complexion-friendly, non-drying, easy-rinse ingredients including natural superfruit™ yuzu and ultra-soft scrub-beads, this high-tech foaming wash is a multitasking miracle.

Want healthier-looking, clearer, more radiant skin? This incredible and effective, wash-off Deep Cleansing Milk features a precise mix of peach and gojuice&trade extracts and oxyginseng™ daily skin detox to purify and clarify, invigorate, soften skin, and melt away makeup, dirt, and impurities for a smooth, luminous complexion. 

This powerful yet gentle detox scrub is a one-stop solution for problem large pores and clogging. Enriched with natural superfruit™, yuzu, D-clog™, microderm-mud, and multifruit acids, it helps refine and visibly tighten pores, remove dead cells, and leave skin clean and refreshed. 

This powerful yet gentle face polish features natural microderm d.tox grains and salicylic acid—pressure-activated super smoothboost™ spheres that pop open when you press them. It works to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities for a refreshed, super smooth complexion. 

The two products I have for you today is the Scrub Your Nose In it Two Minute T-Zone Detox Scrub and Face Soap and Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash 

Your Nose In it Two Minute T-Zone Detox Scrub:

To use this product you must use a dollop *Soap and Glory used that word in the directions behind the packaging. I LOVE THIS DESCRIPTION WORD!!* Apply the product to your clean damp skin in your T-zone area,and massage for 2 minutes then rinse. For cleaner, minimized pores, and fresh so clean clean feel!

At first when you first squeeze the product out the texture and consistency has like a cream/gel based feel to it. Once you apply the product in your T-zone it instantly turns into a grittier texture that makes it perfect for exfoliating. It surprised me because when I first felt the texture it didn't feel gritty so it was a pleasant surprise. 

 The scent is amazing I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's so good I wish i could bottle it up and put it on like a perfume! 

 Once the product is on your skin it feels refreshing and cool, it does have a slight tingling sensation but very minimal. Once you rinse off the product after 2 minutes chilis your pores are so minimized the results remind me of GlamGlow Supermud to the T! but just half the price. So if your looking for a great inexpensive but highend dupe for a more expensive highend brand this will be your cup of tea!

Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash:

 The texture and consistency of this product is a gel based cleanser with micro pink balls that are basically pointless in my opinion they are more for a ooh lala effect and how it looks really cute in the bottle with the green color mixed with the pink specks  lol. These little guys really bother me when I am trying to get my cleansing on,they go up my nose. And that does not feel cute!

 Moving on, a little bit of this cleanser will go a long way. I have the bad habit of using more than a quarter size and it's too much. When you apply this to your skin it does have a nice refreshing cooling effect. I do not feel a tingling sensation just the nice refreshing feel.  With other gel based cleansers I have used in the past my skin will get really dry after using it. Not with this one, it adds and locks in the moisture to my skin while giving my skin a nice refreshed brighten glow to my skin and doing an amazing job at deep cleaning my skin. And the  scent is light, crisp and not over powering. 

 Overall Dolls these 2 products really do an amazing job in targeting the specified areas that they are intended for. If you would like more information about Soap and Glory you can check them out at
Purchase products from their website:

 Thanks for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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