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Press Samples: Hey Beautiful dolls! I have some exciting kits to share with you from QVC. QVC offers a great range of products from home cook ware to clothes and BEAUTY! They offer amazing daily sales and also offer their famous easy payment system where you can get your purchase now and pay off the bill in affordable payment installments. Which is perfect for us beauties on budgets! If you are a newbie or veteran for the love of makeup you would know that building a makeup collection can be costly especially if your trying to add more higher end brands and products into your collection. That's why I always stress about purchasing kits kits kits! When it comes to kits you can get up to a handful of items from deluxe size to full size which exposes you to try more products from that brand and add more beautiful products to your ever so growing collection.

Side Note when it comes to shopping for beauty products it can be very overwhelming as well, QVC's website is very shopper friendly they break everything down into categories from price,brands, usage etc. So you will be able to navigate through the website easily making it an easier and better shopping experience. Another great shopping point if by any chance you fall in love with a certain product you can set the product up to *Auto Delivery* so when your's almost runs out no fear QVC will refill your beloved product.

   From the vast brands and collections that QVC has to offer I have 2 kits that you can pick up from BareMinerals and Laura Geller. In both kits you get more than 5 products that you can create full looks with, and a mix of full and deluxe sized items.

 Laura Geller 7 piece Black Tie Affair Kit featured price $54.98
Kit Offers:
  • 0.176-oz Blush-N-Brighten in Berry Trifle, a warm, berry pink shade
  • 0.06-oz Baked Highlighter in French Vanilla, a smooth sheer beige
  • 0.08-oz Baked Eclipse Shadow Duo in Champagne, a shimmering beige shade and Caviar, a deep matte chocolate brown shade
  • 0.28-oz GlamLASH Dramatic Volumizing Mascara in Black
  • 0.14-oz Color Enriched Anti-Aging Lipstick in Pink Tuxedo, a neutral pink berry shade
  • Mini Dual-Ended Shadow/Liner Brush
  • Dual-Ended Blush Brush/Highlighter Applicator
  • 9" x 6" sequin clutch in Black
So let's start off with the sequin clutch bag, this bag has small tiny sparkles that will get over you a little bit. I do love how it is in the envelope style which I happen to be obsessing over for sometime now. The bag itself is cute but feels and looks cheap up close but far away it looks stylish. You can still use the bag for a night out if you style it out nicely so it's not completely stick in a drawer and forget about it type of product.

Laura provided 2 sets of 2 in 1 brushes that you can use for applying your complexion and eye products. For the face brushes one side is used for applying and buffing out the blush and the sponge end for highlighting. The bristles of the blush side is a little bit scratchy but not to much that you would throw it out the bottom of a drawer and never use it again. The sponge side kinda through me off I thought it was cheap looking but after using it to apply the highlighter omg Dolls! Really grabs on to the product and  packs on the color. Final result you will look fierce!

For the eye you receive a duo sided brush.  One end is the blending/shader brush that is super soft and works amazing and the other side is an angled liner brush. When you use the angled liner end and trying to line your eyes the bristles kinda gives out so then you have zig zags lines on your eyes lol. So I highly suggest taking your grand old time when lining your eyes with the angled brush.


 The texture is the normal baked texture and consistency, very easy to work with in building up the color intensity and blending it out. You can wet the product for more pigmentation as well as  using the  wet consistency for lining your eyes. In the past when I have tried baked products they would crease after x amount of time but with these they do not crease which dolls that  means a home run. I do love the color choice for this kit because you can use these two shades for day and dramatic looks.


The head of the mascara is very small in width which makes it really easy to get to the roots/base of your lashes for tightlining and volumizing each and every lash. Holds the curl of your lashes and doesn't give you raccoon eyes after 8 hours of wear. The formula allows you to build up your lashes without clumping, This mascara is in my top 10 favorite mascaras!


This semi satin finish blush fits the current trend for 2015's  Pantone color of the year Marsala. This is the perfect Marsala colored blush that will suite any look and any skintone. Silky to the touch with  great color pay off. Adds a luminous glow and warmth to your complexion and lasts about 6-7 hours before you would have to retouch up.  A little bit goes a long way so this blush will last you a lifetime. 


This is one of the best highlighters out in the market,In the packaging and once it is swatched it appears to be a golden based highlighter. But once you blend it out the highlight just gives your face and skin a gorgeous glow from within.  It's hard to explain the final results it is a cross between a gold,sliver and white highlight all into one!.The product is blendable and has a  buildable coverage, While being silky to the touch I find it to be a bit powdery but with the great performance I can over look it.


And last but not least this gorgeous lipstick! another great Marsala colored product. This satin finished  lipstick is very universal for all skin tones and looks from day to night. Glides on your lips like butter, you do not have to build up the color intensity. Feels smooth and moisturizing on the lips you can even forget that you are even wearing it. Lasts about 3hours with your normal talking,drinking and eating non greasy foods. 

 Next Kit 

BareMinerals Chandelight Glow 8 piece Radiant light collection $61
Kit Includes
  • 0.35-oz Chandelight Glow Illuminator in Luminous Gold
  • 0.02-oz Eyeshadow in Morning Glow, a shimmering ivory shade
  • 0.02-oz Eyeshadow in Nightfall, a sugared cocoa shade
  • 0.012-oz Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner in Sure Sable
  • 0.03-oz Blush in Sweet Romance, a warm rose shade
  • 0.12-oz Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Dim the Lights, a pink nude shade
  • Soft Glow Face Brush
  • Double-Ended Full Tapered Shadow and Blush Brush
  • Evening clutch bag
  • Clutch bag measures 8-3/4"W x 5"H x 1-1/2"
Dolls if your like me and love products that give you that luminous glow this kit is for us!! Alot of the shades in this kit are brand new and never before seen in BareMinerals collection. The whole theme of the packaging in this set are all gold which looks beautiful on your vanity. 

 Let's start off with the amazing clutch that you receive in this kit. It is an actual sturdy well made clutch. If you slapped Marc Jacobs or Nine West on the label you would believe it and not even think twice of it. Because it's that great! Doesn't feel cheap and wampy and will add a great spruce to your business causal or evening look. It's spacious that you can throw in everything you need when your out and about.


 This duo brush is for eyeshadow and blush. I was actually pretty impressed by the amazing quality of each brush. They are super soft, the product just clings on to them allowing you to have a better application. The eyeshadow side can be used to pack on the color and fits perfectly into your eye socket for blending. The blush end can also be used to apply powdered foundation,highlight etc. The sizes of the brushes that comes in the kit are your normal sized brushes. Not to big and bulky and not to small that your can't even use it. 

 The Soft Glow Face brush basically is great for applying highlighter, powdered and liquid products like the blush brush. So basically your getting 2 of the same brushes and they could have went a different brush route in my personal opinion. 


Lasting Liner in Sure Sable adds the perfect soft focus to your water line. The whole kit is based on a luminous and fierce glow from within. Sometimes black liner can appear harsh in a soft look, and I think they did the right choice to go brown vs black. I even think BareMinerals could have even went with a rose gold liner because chili! when I have used all the products in this set to work minus this liner and used rose gold liner. The look was killer! and I received loads of compliments. The liner glides on very smoothly, and you do not have to build up the color intensity, If your going for a smokey eye look and want to smudge the liner out you will be able to do it with ease and not feel like your tugging at your waterline.


Dolls I have to say I am not a huge fan of loose eyeshadows because they are messy and inconvenient especially if you are in a rush. But these! ARE BEYOND AMAZING! All you need is the tiniest amount to create a look for both eyes.They are easy to pack on the color and blend out. They get a 10/10 in pigmentation and they do not crease after a 9hr work day. You can use these over an eyeshadow base, by itself, or wet whichever way you use it the final results are always on point. 


Sweet Romance is a satin finish blush that will look great on all skintones and could be used all year round. This shade is also very universal for any looks from fresh faced to dark and dramatic for a night out in the town.  You can twist the top part to open and close the product which is great and you will not loose any product while tapping out the amount you will be using. Super pigmented and long wearing. The texture and consistency is very silky to the touch and will not cling to any dry areas you might have on your cheeks. You can even use this shade as an eyeshadow or a very light natural pinkish natural  contouring shade for a sunkissed glow.


This is the most exciting product in the collection! The luminous gold highlighter takes BareMinerals famous loose minerals made into a solid gel cream based form. *Best way I can explain it* Adds the most gorgeous highlight to your complexion it's ten times better than HourGlass Ambient Light, The Balm Luminizer, any amazing highlight you can think of this beats it! I know right! Your probably thinking I am over exaggerating because QVC sent me this product for review but I wouldn't lie to you or steer you in the wrong direction. You get the 100% truth here on Cdel Beauty! The texture and consistency feels like a silky gel. Very easy to work with in building up the product and blending out.  Feels cooling on the skin and lasts about 9 hours before you would have to retouch up. Doesn't cling on to dry spots or slick off your oily spots.  You can even  use this as a base to your powdered eyeshadows,  OMG DOLLS this is just an amazing highlight! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!


 Dim the Lights is another perfect universal lipstick shade that will go great for any look and skintone. I have been obsessing over this lipstick for days now. It feels  moisturizing on your lips, doesn't fan or feather out. Great part it lasts about 3 hours with talking,drinking and eating non greasy foods. And who can resists that gorgeous all gold push down lipstick packaging.

 Only con about this set is that I really wished they would have included a mascara and their famous mineral veil You can create a full look with this set and the only missing finishing touches is lashes and setting powder. But overall this set worth it.

 Overall these 2 sets are worth the amount you pay and then some. You can create full everyday to dramatic looks with these 2 kits. It also exposes you to more products from these highend brands and and grow your makeup collection at the same time without breaking wallet.

 If you would like more information about each kit that QVC has to offer just click on the links below

Laura Geller:$uslarge$ 


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 Thanks so much for stopping by let me know in the comment section below what's your favorite products from the 2 sets I showed you .

 Until Next Time Xoxo-C

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