Not Your Mother's Brand Launches DEJA VU' DO

 Editor Press Samples: Hey Beautiful Dolls!!! Don't you just love the new start of the year? I love that each year is a new start in many things in your personal life & work etc. But what I also love is that more and more new products are launching some are permanent and some are limited editions but it's always great to try new things and see the brands creativity and new innovations. A lot of us dolls know and love Not Your M<3ther's brand because they offer great performing hair products at a very affordable price. When I think of their brand I always think fun and edgy by their awesome names to their products Kinky Moves, Beach Babe, She's a Tease etc. NYM's is launching a few products for Spring 2015 to a drugstore and Ulta near you. 

 So far from their newest collection I have been testing out DE'JA VU'DO which is a primer and style extender. 

 NYM's Claims on their  newest addition:

So to sum it up in Cdel Beauty's words this is a hair primer and dry shampoo in a cream form not in a spray. For $8.00 you receive 4 fl.oz of product in a squeeze tube, the scent of the product is apples and berries. At first when I read that I was not happy! I hate the scent of apples because some brands make it smell more chemical then appleish. *love my new word lol* So I was loving the idea but hating the thought of the smell. 

 The scent to my surprise is amazing! I was like ok it's not a toxic chemical smell! Reminds of me of that amazing salon product type of smells. The consistency to me feels like gel and cream based but leans more gel.  I like to apply the product when my hair is damp and dry because the results still stays the same. 

Testing & Results 

 Like I stated previously I use this product when my hair is either damp or dry, they say to blow dry your hair for maxinum results but each time I have used this product I always let my hair air dry. I normally wash my hair every 2 days on day 2 I always always have to use dry shampoo because my hair gets really oily on day 2. So dry shampoo for me is a life line in between shampoos.

As you can see in the picture from my roots down my hair is oily cityville. I have combination scalp issues lol. At areas it's very oily and then I have patches of dryness which in my mind makes no sense but hey thank goodness for beauty products lol. 

 For the testing phase I took DEJA VU' DO throw the ringer, I didn't wash my hair until I started to see the oiliness and stiffness and the dirty hair smell that we all run away from. AND DOLLS! UGH! JUST LOOK AT THE RESULTS!!

 DOLLS THIS IS A MUST HAVE! MUST HAVE MUST HAVE!!! 10/10 Snaps of Fierceness! 
I am sure you could push 4 days without washing your hair and your hair will still look like you washed it that morning but ohh chili I can't go that far without washing my hair 3 days is the max for this chica!

 This not only keeps your hair smelling amazing  and most importantly no oiliness dirty girl look. It tames the frizz, makes your hair feel like silk. If you have problems with your hair getting tangled and can't even brush your fingers through your hair this will get your hair to the point that you can run your fingers with no fuss! With dry shampoo at times your hair feels kinda tacky but with this the texture stayed consistently the same through out the 3 days.

 This product performs top notch from your roots all the way to your tips and if you have dry split ends like myself well this will keep your ends looking fierce and healthy!

 If you were to ask me if I would go with this product or with my all time favorite dry shampoo I have to say this tops it. The performance is phenomenal and you can clearly see it  from the results. In the testing phase I didn't do my normal hair care concoction of products I strictly only used DEJA VU'DO and it did the trick that 7 hair products would do in performance and final outcome just  all rolled into 1. So I was able to get done with my hair care routine in less than 1 minute which normally it takes me a good 10 minutes putting all m hair care products on my head. 

 Well dolls be on the look out for this product and the rest of Not Your Mother's 2015 collection that will be hitting the store's shelves very soon.

 Thanks for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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