Getting Ready for Spring with Essence Cosmetics

 Press Samples: Hey Beautiful Dolls! Even though it's snowing outside and it's January I have been doing my makeup like it's Spring time lol. Pretending it's warm and not below zero so I have been doing fresh faced, bright eyed innocent looks.

 I have a couple products from Essence Cosmetics that have been helping me transition into Spring.

 "You must prime the walls before you paint" If it's either your face or eyes if your putting any type of product on you must use a primer. A primer will help prolong the length of wear as well in intensifying the pigmentation of the product.

I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base is a skintone based primer with a doe foot applicator.

Consistency & Texture: Not to thick or watered down

Application: The doe foot applicator allows you to swipe the product all over your eye or dot depending on your preference. Some people feel if you press the product into your skin that the product will perform better. Either way you like to apply the product glides on your skin easy to blend out and even out the discoloration you may have on your eyelids.

Performance: I love stage eyeshadow base does prolong the length of wear of your eyeshadows, will  also help intensify the opacity of highly pigmented and poorly pigmented  eyeshadows. While preventing the shadows from creasing.

Cons: Has a tad bit of an orange under tone dolls with fairer skin might have a problem with the shade could possibly lead to an  "oxidized  appearance"

Overall Rating: 8.5 Snaps of Fierceness


 This duo has a pink and silver shade which is a good color combination in my personal opinion. The eyeshadows are a satin finish with tiny flex of sparkles. Has decent pigmentation but these shadows in my personal opinion are more for light catching fresh faced type of look. Which is perfect for Spring! You can easily work with these shadows in packing on the color and blending them out. I also found out that they both work as  great topper eyeshadows, the pink shade can be used as a blush and a highlighter. And if you know me I love products that are multi - functioning

Overall Rating: 7 Snaps of Fierceness

Shimmer Effect Eyeshadow:

This shadow is a satin finish eyeshadow that is nicely pigmented and easy to work with in packing on the color and blending it out. I use this shade to highlight my eyes as well as highlighting the tops of my cheeks, cupids bow, and I love to tab a little bit no the center of my lips on top of my lipstick to give the appearance of fuller lips. It is so hard to find a white highlighter that doesn't have that pinkish under tone. So I have been mainly using this shadow for highlighting.

Overall Rating: 9 Snaps of Fierceness 


We have to give a huge congratulations to Essence Cosmetics for  being a Best in Beauty winner for 2014 from Allure for these gel pencil waterproof liners. Now I have to say Allure did a great job in awarding these liners because for the price that you pay they are super incredible and comparable to more higherend prestigious brands. They are long wearing to the point it's like your tattooing your eyes with these because dolls they do not budge or move once they set. They are highly pigmented, glides on like butter doesn't tug on your eyes. And this color! OMG this color is so gorgeous I love popping this on the water line with any eye look I am trying to go with. Reminds me of a mermaid lol. And if your afraid to play with color these are perfect to add to your water line to spruce things up a bit and get your feet wet before you go swimming into the vast world of color lol.


 Even in the Spring with a fresh faced innocent look you can always pull off a red lipstick. Dare to Wear is a wearable red shade that will go great with any look and any skintone. The product last about 2-3 hours with  normal talking,drinking and eating non greasy foods. Has a satin finish that doesn't dry out my lips or fan and feather out into the edges of my lips. UGH! I hate when a lipstick does that!
Well Dolls I do have a simple Get Ready With Me for Work using these products that will be up soon. 

 Let me know if any of you have tried any of these products and what were your thoughts on them.

 Thanks So Much for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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