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 When you do a mental check what is one of the most important aspects of being a WOMEN.  Great hair, great makeup, great skin, great clothes, great purses, and most importantly great pairs of shoes. Like the great fashion icon Marilyn Monroe said "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world"  Well she could have not said it better but!!!! ( click to READ MORE)

 For the love of shoes I have been worked in the shoe business for 10 years, I have sold comfortable shoes to high fashion killas! haha. Now if your a women on the go or the women in the work place, or women who loves being fashionable you will have a pair of shoes that you just love but they KILL YOUR FEET. I used to love seeing others kicking their feet off dancing the night away, I remember the days that I would carry a tote bag with an extra pair to shoes to change into when the shoes I would wear out or to work would start to kill my feet. My tote carrying bringing extra pairs of shoes days are over, and here is why.
Flip Slip is the answer, Flip Slip was started by a women named Esther Flatto who just got tired of her feet hurting when she went to work or out with friends. Carrying extra shoes in a tote while wearing an evening dress with an evening clutch does not look cute! So one day she thought of "what if there was a shoe that could easily fit in my pocket or purse, be comfortable and stylish at the same time?" That is how Flip Slip came about.
 You may have seen the concept out and about of small flats that you can carry with you without carrying extra bulky personal items. You may be asking yourself well what is so special about Flip Slip? Why is it different from the rest?  Well here is why Flip Slip is separates itself from the rest
  • the shoes is the first of its kind to easily fold into it's own bag causing the bottoms of the shoes to cling together so when you put it in your purse or pocket the soles will not dirty up your pocket or purse.
  • Light weight
  • A range of sizes from 6 to 11
  • Great range of color shades to choice from
  • Can fit with ease anywhere from your pocket to your evening clutch
  • If you have a high arch or a low arch these shoes will not cause your feet to hurt they perfectly cup your feet.
Flip Slip had worked with a new up and coming designer Meline Katchi of Exotic Romance who is a graduate from London College of Fashion and Footwear design winner of DATO Jimmy Choo Award for 2013. Who has interned at major design houses from Alexander Mcqueen and Nike Cole Haan. The shoe design is so fresh and in season I am in love.

 I happen to have the pleasure of knowing Esther Flatto she is super sweet so talented and she is my cousin. I have been loving Flip Slip from the very first prototype to the finalize product. In support of this amazing new launch Flip Slip is going Live with a brand new face lift and amazing promotional sales will be running. You will love the shoes from the minute you put them on your feet or in that clutch of yours. You will love the shoes, but you will love that you are helping a small business. 

  Ok Dolls Here is a link to Flip Slip  You can go out and check the amazing shoes out, and also share this article with your friends and family so they can be let in on our best little secret our feet will never have to hit the dance floor shoeless ever again, and say good bye to those tote carrying days.

 Remember Every Day is your Runway you better work it Dolls, See you next Time. Xoxo- Cyndi

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