Luminess Air AirSupremacy Spray On Airbrushed Cosmetics Line at QVC

QVC has recently launched a whole new line of spray on airbrushed cosmetics line called Luminess Air AirSupremacy. This new full line that QVC has debuted on Oct.27 offers everything that a regular powder or cream cosmetic line has to offer. This new and exciting airbrushed cosmetics has loads to offer from foundation,blush, primer,bronzer,makeup setting spray aka makeup sealant,body Iridescence, products to hide out your  unwanted age spots, covers tattoos as well in covering up your varicose veins. This whole new collection has a great variety of shade ranges that will suite all different skin tones from light to deeper skin tones. I have a few products that I have been testing out to share with you.

Editor Press Samples: Makeup Trends for Winter 2015 and Spring 2016 is going to be all about airbrushed cosmetics. More and more brands are coming out with a full line that specializes in spray on airbrushed cosmetics that offers the convenience of airbrushed makeup without having to drop a couple hundred of dollars in purchasing an airbrush machine then purchasing the makeup pods of foundation, blush etc. 

So an average everyday makeup enthusiast from the newbie to the veteran will be able to use these spray on airbrushed makeup with no problem. Here are some Key Product Attributes on Luminess Air AirSupremacy's products.

·        The ultimate light and buildable coverage
·        Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
·        Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested
·        Water-based formula, so perfect for sensitive skin
·        18 hour wear
·        Non-flammable

The packaging of these products is your typical spray can that is sturdy and has some weight to it compared to others that I have tried from different brands.

I love love the nozzle of these products it doesn't make me flinch when I am spraying lol, and distributes the right amount of product where it doesn't feel like I am over spraying product.

Let's talk about Foundations! 
Each foundation offers light to buildable and blendable coverage with claims of lasting 18 hours of wear. I can't say 100% that it will last 18 hours because I am not wearing foundation for almost 24 hours straight lol but I can say it does pretty good for my 11 to 12 hour days. Without having to touch up with a powder or blotting papers, but I still like to set this foundation with powder. With spray on airbrushed foundations I like to apply the product from the top of my forehead to the base of my neck, with this foundation I do 3 spray applications to get medium coverage. Once I have done does 3 applications I like to take a blending brush or my beauty blender to blend everything in just in case I have some areas I didn't cover correctly. This foundation is perfect for those who have dry to oily combination skin and will not adhere to any dry areas, large pores, seep into any fine lines or wrinkles etc.

One thing I personally found that  is a con is that you will see some transference to your clothes during your initial application. So I wear my robe over my pjs when I am applying the foundation just to be on the safe side that it doesn't drip over my work clothes or going out clothes. But once the product has set you will not see any transference on your clothes what so ever it's only when you are applying the product.  Overall I am living for these foundations because they help create my skin look like a beautiful canvas. But! While at the same time makes my skin look like skin just perfected if you catch my drift.

Next up Blushes

There's 3 shades of blushes that comes in this collection 1 for lighter skin tones, 1 for medium skin tones, and 1 for deeper skin tones. For me I feel that Luminess Air should have come out with or should expand the line of blushes more because those 3 doesn't suit the wide range of skin tones and under tones. The one I have received is Soft Rose beautiful color and does look nice against my Winter skin tone. But during the summer I personally feel that I would need a deeper color. For application I like to spray the blush on my beauty blender or blush brush then apply to the apples of my cheeks.This blush is very pigmented it's not sheer what so ever!, and long wearing. I like to revert to my favorite saying it's like super glue and adheres to your skin beautifully without clinging onto any problematic features.

Next up I have one of the Body Iridescence that is a bronzer/ highlighter in golden radiance. 

This is such a beautiful color that can be used to warm up my complexion and body while also adding a beautiful luminous glow. I do say if you are going to apply this product to you arms, legs, decollete to apply the product before you put on the clothes your going to wear. If you are going to use this product as for a luminous glow/ warmth to your complexion just spray directly on to your skin or on brush or beauty blender. Once it sets it will not transfer onto your clothes and for me lasts up to 11 to 12 hours because like I said I don't wear makeup longer than 11 to 12 hours. 

Overall I am in love with this collection and I love the performance and quality of these products. I do have a makeup tutorial and look coming up here very soon for a Winter / Holiday Soiree look. So check back dolls! 
If you would like more product or purchase information check out QVC's listing of this brand and products. They are offering a very nice starter set that gives you the ability to test a few products from this brand at a highly affordable price for only 49.95 and you receive 7 products and you can pick your 2 foundation shades.$uslarge$

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