Birchbox November 2015 Review and Giveaway *OPEN*

Birchbox November 2015 Review and Giveaway. Birchbox's theme this month is "Feeling Fancy" that introduced LOC Love of Color which is Birchbox's in house first makeup line which was the sample choice for November's box. LOC teamed up with Youtube Beauty Guru  Tati Westbrook aka GlamLifeGuru for their first collaboration. So each subscriber was able to pick out their new matte lipsticks or eyeshadow sticks. Birchbox's newest makeup line is highly affordable that ranges from $8.00 to 10.00. So I was super excited for this month's box and I can't wait to share what products I received as well as hosting a giveaway for one of you lovely readers for a chance of trying out your own Birchbox November 2015 box.

Birchbox has been slaying this year, they have changed up their boxes that has different designs to go with the theme. Plus for 10.00 a month you get to try out an array of high end brands and for each product you review you get 10 points which is 50 points a month that starts to add up. For every 100 points that's 10.00 to use to  purchase a full size product from the Birchbox shop. They have added so many well known brands like Clinque, Estee Lauder to famous Korean Brands like Too Cool For School, Tony Moly, and many more. So basically your technically only paying 5.00 a month because you earn your money back after each review who doesn't love that! I know I do!

This month was a complete hit in my eyes and I am loving and using every single items minus one ever since I received this box.

I am loving the color theme of the box this month and will be reusing this box on top of my vanity for decoration and also putting my makeup products that I am using daily for my work week. This gives me the opportunity to to use products I have forgotten about and loving, to products I am currently testing to review for you here on CdelBeauty so these boxes are very handy.

First Item I pulled out of my box was from a brand that I have heard about but never tried before.

This is from Ayres which is a body polish to help remove the dead skin that leaves your skin feeling super smooth. The scent of this isn't my favorite but it's not horrible to the point I can't even use it. The texture isn't as gritty that you would expect which made me pause and think well how is this really going to exfoliate my skin. But surprise surprise it does do an amazing job and my legs felt super smooth after the first use. The size is enough to get a good 5 or 7 uses out of it so I am pretty happy with this sample size. I am enjoying this product so much I am even considering purchasing this at a full size.

Davines Moisturizing Liquid Fluid is beyond out of this world! I have become to be a huge lover of this brand through Birchbox, Every product I have sampled has never disappointed me and they always provide a great sample size to actually be able to test the product out and see if you are going to want to purchase their products. This size is a great travel size a little bit of this product does go a long way so this is going to last me a while. The smell reminds me of that amazing salon hair care products, and leaves my hair feeling silky like 1000 Egyptian Cotton, managable, and doesn't make my hair feel greasy or look greasy which is a major plus because I run into that problem alot with products like this.

The Balm FratBoy blush and eyeshadow is soo cute! I love the packaging of The Balm's samples in Birchbox. This is a dusty rose color that looks great either way I use it, blends on the eyes and cheeks great, isn't chalky and is long wearing.

Pillow Pack Time! BTW I love how they used a brown pillow pack contrasted with the box looks so Pier 1ish lol!

Now the product that disappointed me the most and was the only disappointment was this perfume sample.
This is from My Daughter in Joyful. The scent reminds me of a cheap potpourri that you can find at the dollar store. I know bad description no offence to the company but I have to call it like I see it.

Last but not least my sample choice from LOC "Love of Color" in the matte lipstick in GlamLife

This lipstick is a home run, the pigmentation is amazing, this glides on your lips like melted butter, the color is beautiful, this lipstick is long wearing. This formula is so luxurious that if you didn't have the $8.00 price tag on it and you up the price to Urban Decay price point I would believe it. I am very proud for Birchbox making this incredible makeup line bravo Birchbox Bravo!

Overall I LIVE FOR THIS BOX! minus the perfume I could have done with out it but with the other 4 products are fantastic.

Now it's Giveaway Time!!

Just follow the easy steps to enter for a chance to win your own Birchbox this month. The rules of the giveaway are you must be 16 years old  and older if you are under 18 you must have your parent's consent and giveaway is only for US and Canadian residents only.

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