Sleek Makeup New Solstice Highlighting Palette

Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighting Palette is one of the newest additions to Sleek's collection. This highlighting palette offers 4 different highlight shades where one is a cream highlighter and the other 3 are powders. Sleek Makeup is one of the biggest highstreet brands over seas for us in the US highstreet translates to drugstore makeup/ beauty brands. Even though Sleek Makeup is highly affordable and considered a drugstore makeup brand their products are high performing, luxurious feeling, and are always on top of the current makeup trends. The Solstice Highlighting Palette has a balance of warm and cool tones that will suit many for strobing, and highlighting.

Editor Press Samples: Sleek has been one of the best brands that has graced this face. I tend to reach more for my Sleek makeup products than my other drugstore and highend products. Their newest Solstice Palette has me going gaga everyday and thinking #HighlighteronFLEEK lol.

The packaging is in a sleek pardon the pun! Rose Gold mirror like packaging chilis that was so hard in trying to take a picture of this palette without seeing myself in the reflection lol. Even though the packaging is so beautiful and reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury but it's finger print city, but I don't mind wiping it down and putting back on my vanity for decoration purposes when it's not in use lol.

You receive a very nice sized mirror and a brush, the brush isn't the softest and I wish the mirror would bend back a little bit.Which  those 2 are only the minor cons I have with the packaging.

Each highlighter pan offers a great size and amount of product for the price that you pay for compared to other highlighting palettes that are available in the mass market from drugstore to highend brands. That being said it is very easy to dip your brush and get the color you want to use that time without having the brush being to big and your picking up 2 different colors at once.

Each highlight shade has a name that fits the "Space" theme, you do get a clear plastic film with the names on them. But if you loose that you will not know the name of the shades because it's not any where else on the palette.
Each shade is highly pigmented, long wearing, easily to blend, doesn't have chunky glitter, and the 3 powders are finely milled.

Ecliptic is the cream based highlighter that is a mix of a light pink and lavender it is a very unique color that blends beautifully onto the skin. Also can be used as an eyeshadow or an eyeshadow base. Doesn't crease after x amount of time and after my 10 hour work day I can still see my highlight.

Hemisphere is in a light lavender shade.

Subsolar is a light pale yellow shade that has more of satin matte finish, that also looks great as an under eye setting powder when you apply it with a light hand. It instantly brightens your under eye area or your complexion whichever way you decide to use it. This shade is very multi-functioning and I love it!

Equinox is a warmer toned peach shade that just gives your skin a beautiful glow. I like using it to highlight the tops of my cheeks but I prefer to use it more as a blush topper to give that extra zaza dewy look to my cheeks.

Well dolls this palette is packaged luxuriously and these highlighters SLAY! your look to the T.
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