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Pixi Beauty has come out with some new and exciting products that are on point for the current makeup trends for Fall and Winter 2015 and Spring 2016 that has recently launched at your local Target beauty sections. Their new collection offers a little bit of everything from contouring, brows, matte lipsticks, and products that help get rid of under eye dark circles. Pixi Beauty is a brand that is geared to enhancing your natural beauty and strays away from  Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube full face makeup and picture perfect brows. Like the wonderful Wayne Goss says "the average everyday women does not need to beat their face up with makeup everyday all we need is the basics to enhance and bring out the beauty you already have! let's see skin! let's see our natural beauty!". Which Pixi already offers that and on top of that they are a cruelty free makeup brand and all those amazing qualities combined makes Pixi Beauty one of the best beauty brands out there in my personal opinion. Full Review and Swatches of their newest launches that includes Pixi Beauty Natural Contour Powder,Mattelustre Lipsticks, Endless Gel Eye Brow Pencil, Brightening Peach, Adaptable Beige Concealer.
Editor Press Samples:  I have always been a big fan of Pixi Beauty due to many reasons and the main reason for me is that each product is designed for the everyday women. They are multi functioning which gets you out the house quicker, each product offers high performance I honestly can say I don't think I have come across a product I did not like.
Pixi has been staying up to date with the current trends but they always add their personal take on things. So I have a few items I have been testing out and have incorporated them into my everyday makeup routine.

First Up Matte lipsticks has been one of the biggest trends this year and they released their MatteLustre Lipsticks.

Packaging is in their standard Pixi green which also is quite thick for a standard lipstick tube.

 At the base of the lipstick you have a see through bottom with the color of the lipstick shade. Which comes in handy when you store your lipsticks upside down. The formula of these matte lipsticks are quite different from your standard matte solid lipstick formula we have grown accustomed to. When you first apply the the lipsticks onto your lips at first they look and feel more of a wet satin lipstick. After less than a minute or so the product dries down not to a flat matte but a velvet satin matte that feels soooo amazing on the lips. This doesn't stick, cling, chap your lips, AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PREP YOUR LIPS BEFORE OR AFTER WITH A LIP BALM. I KNOW RIGHT! CRAZY!! These lipsticks feel so comfortable on your lips that I feel and I know this may sound cray-cray to even say this out loud but they feel like they are "One with your lips" You don't even feel like your wearing these lipsticks.

* These swatches were during initial application not when they dried down*

This year it has all been about the brows, Pixi came out with their Endless Brow Gel Pencils

Pixi has their famous long wearing Endless Gel Eye pencils that are creamy and long wearing. Now they used that formula and tweaked a little bit to with hold your brows. This is the perfect color to fit the dolls with darker hair colors. Very easy to fill in and create natural looking brows, while being very blendable into your brow hairs without those POW in your face over did brows you feel me chilis lol. This holds up very nicely for about 7 hours without any setting powder or eyebrow gel, but I like to set this with translucent powder for that added extra touch to uphold my brows for my 10 hour work shifts.

One trend that never goes out of style is hiding those dreaded dark circles, Pixi always comes out with the best complexion products and their under eye products never disappoint. And these two products hit it out of the ball park for me especially using them hand in hand. I call them my Avengers because they avenge my dark circles and kick them in the ass super hero style.

Adaptable Beige concealer has a creamy consistency but not to creamy that it slicks off your skin. It has the perfect combination of yellow and pink under tones. Which for me that makes this product very universal for dolls with cool or warm under tones. CHILIS this concealer blends like a dream it doesn't seep into any fine lines or winkles or cling onto dry patches and if you have oily under eyes don't worry this will not slick off.

Next up the side kick to my Avengers fantastic duo is the Brightening Peach that is used to neutralize the blue and purple tinges that causes those dreaded dark circles.

Brightening Peach's texture and consistency is not as creamy or emollient as the Adaptable Beige but it's not dry either it has the happy medium which works great because you use this before you apply your concealer and the texture of this product causes the concealer to adhere to it better in the layering process. It also has the "just right" amount of the brightening function, I don't know about you chilis but when I have used other brightening and neutralizing products from different brands it has too much of the brightening component to it that it doesn't really help with cancelling out the blue and purple tinges and the final result just looks like I took stark white highlight under my eyes. Have any of you ever come across those types of results before? Well this particular product dolls hits all right points and is purely perfection. Especially in combination with Adaptable Beige hints why I call them The Avengers Against the Big Dark Circle Crew hahhaha sorry it's true!

Reader Advisory this portion of the feature may  contain images that some viewers may find disturbing. LOL! You can see how my dark circles look before using the two products together. I took the pictures in natural lighting and I did not adjust the lighting, exposure, white balance, filters etc. I wanted you dolls to see how  great these 2 products work and how they look in your everyday life up close in personal.

As you can see the results are AMAZING so bye bye Dark Circles.

Last but not least another major trend this year has been... CONTOURING! lol. Every brand from drugstore to highend  are coming out with their own versions of contouring products from powder to cream and everything in between. Sometimes I am so sick of looking at contouring products that is filling up a whole drawer. Well since Pixi is up on the trends dolls they released their Natural Contouring Powder which I am telling you now you need it in your life like yesterday.

Right off the back you get a lot of product for your money, it comes in a sturdy compact with a nice sized mirror where you can actually see what you are doing. The powder itself is finely milled, silky and buttery to the touch. It has a very luxurious feeling to it, if you would blind fold me and I would have to go based on how it felt I would start naming names like Gucci, Burberry Tom Ford etc. Because it's that silky and I am not saying that because I work with Pixi and they send me products I am telling you the Honest 100% truth. 

Now I know this is going to be a hit for many people not only because on how it feels but how it performs and the particular color and under tone this product has to offer. Let's talk about the color first off, this is that perfect cool under toned contouring powder it's a mix with brown and grey  basically "taupeish"  no red what so ever and we all know that when you are contouring in order to bring out your features you want to create the illusion of the natural shadows of your face. This is perfect dolls I can't sing the praises enough of this product it beats outs my Benefit Hoola Bronzer and my Too Faced ones that I swear by, it reminds of the Illamasqua contour shadow that is in taupe color and many professional makeup artists swear by it and this almost is a dead on spot dupe for it. 
The pigmentation of this product is out of the park so you have to be very light handed with it. 

Well dolls that's it for what's new from Pixi Beauty run down everything was a big hit for me and I think it will work out for a lot of you dolls too. High Quality, and Great Performance as always, if I had to choose which one was the ultimate best that I would suggest for you to drop everything and run to Target now mind you that would be so hard! But I definitely suggest going with the Natural Contour Powder just because it's the perfect shade and performs bloody brilliantly. Let me know down below which one caught your eyes dolls.

As always Thank You so much for stopping by until next time xoxo- Cynthia
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