Sleek Makeup BareKissed Liquid Illuminator

Sleek Makeup Barekissed Illuminator is one of the latest launches from Sleek. Who is one of the best affordable beauty brands that offers high quality and high performing products. They are always on top of the current and ongoing makeup trends to forecasting the up and coming trends that has hit the runways from designers this year for the next seasons. Since highlighting and especially strobing has been a real big trend this year their latest Barekissed Illuminators has nestled right into the current trends for the average everyday beauty. Sleek Makeup's Barekissed Illuminator comes in 4 different shades that will suite the lightest of skintones to the deepest of skintones which makes it easier for you to shop for a highlighter suitable for your complexion.

Editor Press Samples: I don't know if I need to remind you chilis that I love me some Sleek Makeup. This makeup brand is one of the best brands & products that has graced my face lol. I am a type of person who is always up to trying the new trends and if for whatever reason it doesn't work out for me I then try to modify the techniques or uses for the product so I can apply it to my everyday makeup routine. 

Highlighting I have down pack but when it comes to strobing I sometimes struggle with it even though it's basically the same thing. I either put way to much product on, or sometimes it just may depend on how that certain product's formula is. I don't know.. to me in my eyes "Strobing" and "Highlighting" is pretty much the same thing just with a slight difference in the final outcome. 

With this particular product I have been  strobing, highlighting and using it in various ways which if you have been reading my posts you would know I love products that are multi functioning. And if you haven't well you do now and my name is Cynthia and welcome to my little nook in the internet :)

Sleek has really knocked it out of the park again with these illuminators, I have been rocking the illuminator in Monaco for a couple weeks now and I am in 
L-U-V.  For a highlighter you get a ridiculous amount of product these bottles are 30 ml/ 1.014 fl.oz and chilis that's alot! lol! Also the packaging is a thick sturdy glass which makes it feel even more luxurious and chic that at times I forget it's only $13.49

This illuminator has a gel and cream based texture and consistency to it but at the same time feels mousse like.The consistency causes the product to glide onto your bare skin or over your foundation with ease. This will not disrupt your powdered, liquid or mousse foundation when you are applying this in the areas you highlight or strob. When you first pump the product out it can look intimidating because it's highly pigmented but once you start to blend the product into your skin or doing the final touches of your makeup look this will sheer out and has more of a wet and dewy look and feel to it with a slight tint.  To me Monaco is multifaceted in terms of the light color payoff  of pink,white,and silver all rolled into one. Which kind of reminds me of a duochrome finish and depending on how the light hits your skin the color shifts. 
Don't worry it will not look like as if your a Studio 54 disco ball it's very light and gentle so don't be afraid of the "duochrome" feel to it. All the beauties who love to have their highlight game strong to those who appreciate more simple,natural and elegant looks would really appreciate the finish and final out come Monaco will add to your look. Before I forget to mention Monaco also is a cool toned highlighter. Which I happen to appreciate more cooler toned highlighters on my warm toned skin because it helps instantly brighten up my complexion that looks like I took a shot of espresso and injected into my skin to give it a boost of energy.

It does have some flex of sparkle in it, but it's not crazy glitter and you will look like a Crisco Disco Ball. This will not crease on you after x amount of wear time and it will not cling to those unflattering pesky problematic skin features we may not like to accentuate even more. 

Now the way I like to use Monaco is by a few different ways either if it's before or after my makeup routine. It pretty much depends on how my mood is and the look I am trying to execute. 

Before I apply makeup:
After I have cleansed, applied toner, serum, and eye cream I let everything set and dry for about a minute or so. I  then like to take 2 quarter sized pumps of my moisturizer and half of a pump of Monaco mix them together in the palm of my hands or on a mixing mirror then I apply both mixed products all over my face. 

The next way I like to use it is by doing my normal skincare routine from cleansing to moisturizing after all that is done and has set into my skin for a couple minutes. I like to take a half of a pump of Monaco and apply it to the key target areas I want to bring out and add a luminous fresh faced glow to my complexion. Basically strobing/highlighting before I apply any of my makeup and once Monaco has set I then proceed to apply my primer, foundation and so on. 

Doing these two techniques aides the awakening of my dull skin to a bright eyed and bushy tailed complexion. While still providing a very I mean very! natural glow from within. I love the final outcome no matter whichever of the two techniques I use for that day. And I get a butt load of compliments saying damnnnn your skin looks beautified lol. 

And lastly the ways I use Monaco to complete my final makeup look is by:

  • Mixing Monaco in with my tinted moisturizer, BB cream or foundation for a dewy not oily look.
  • I do the normal highlighting/ strobing to finalize my makeup.
  • And on my eyes if I just want a simple eye look, I always use a skin tone based eye primer to help even out the discoloration on my eyelids.First I take either a matte peach, taupe, soft brown or a light cranberry eyeshadow buff that in my crease next I add a light pale satin finished eyeshadow in either pink, violet or gold. And to complete my simple bright eyed makeup look I take a shader brush dip it into a little bit of Monaco and tap lightly over the eyeshadow on my lids to my inner tear duct. Top it alloff with a winged eyeliner, eyeliner on my lower lash line and finally mascara I am all set to go. I love how Monaco instantly brightens up my eye look and literally only takes 5 mins to complete the full look.
Well dolls as you can see you can use Sleek's Barekissed Liquid Illuminators in so many ways. From using it in your skincare routine or in your makeup routine you can achieve a very natural luminous glow from within and brightening up your complexion and eyes. And let's not forget getting your #highlightonfleek and making your final look more dramatic in the highlight dept.

If you want more product and purchase information you can head over to Sleek's website at

As always Thank You so much for stopping by and! Never Forget
"Everyday Is Your Runway So You Better Work It"
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