Sleek Makeup 24k Gold Collection

Sleek Makeup's 24K Gold Collection is one of the newest collections Sleek has recently launched. If your not familiar with Sleek Makeup they are a very popular high street makeup brand over in the UK, translated for us dolls in the US high street is drugstore makeup. Even though Sleek Makeup is highly affordable they offer luxurious high performing products. Some of the products are even dupes for highend makeup brands such as NARS, Too Faced etc. Their 24K Gold Collection offers an I-Lust Palette In the Gold Standard that you can create beautiful smokey eye looks or dark makeup looks with, Glitter Me lip glosses, and finally the Sleek Makeup Midas Touch Highlighting Palette that will help you get your Strobing or Highlighting game on strong.
Editor Press Samples: I have heard about Sleek Makeup for quite sometime now due to  YouTube and UK Bloggers. But here in the US you can not purchase Sleek Makeup in a store so your route in purchasing Sleek would have to be online. Every single item I have purchased from Sleek in the past I have never been disappointed with any of the items. Truth be told I actually use Sleek's products more than my highend or mid-range brands.

Sleeks 24K Gold collection was released in perfect timing because with any of the items in the collection you create beautiful Fall and Winter looks especially looks for the Holidays. One of the items I highly suggest that everyone goes and purchases is the new I- Lust Palette in The Gold Standard.

The packaging of this palette pardon my pun is very Sleek and chic. It's not the typical sized palette that you would normally see from Sleek which I happen to like that they changed it up a little bit. The palette is lightweight and comes with a nice sized mirror so you can stick this in your purse or makeup bag with no problems when your out running around if it's from school, work etc because this palette will hardly take up any space.

In the palette you get a dual sided brush which surprisingly I thoroughly enjoy, the small crease brush is soft and does a good job at blending. The sponge tip applicator is your normal sponge tip applicator that comes with many eyeshadows but I always say keep these because the help pack on the color especially if your working with metallic shadows you will not loose the intensity of the color when using a sponge tip applicator verses a shader brush that will cut the intensity of the shadow by half.

The Gold Standard palette is more of warm toned palette where you get 6 shadows that range from a pale white silver type of a color to a deep burgundy with hints of red/purple flex. The 4 powdered eyeshadows that comes in this palette are very opaque, finely milled, easy to work with when packing on the color and  especially when you are diffusing the shadows into one another. There is no fall out in the pan when your picking up product with a brush or your finger and that also applies to when your applying the shadows on to your eye area. This is a huge plus because you do NOT want your powdered eyeshadows to get into the cream shadows especially since they are placed between the powders. So bravo Sleek bravo! lol!

The 2 cream eyeshadows can be a hit or miss in my opinion depending on how you are. For me I use the darker cream shadow Margiela as a base to my powdered eyeshadows or as a single lid color. And the cream shadow in Louis is more of a topper eyeshadow to add a little zaza to your lid color, because Louis is more of a sheer wash of a pinkish color with white and gold flex. And if you applied  it to your lid by itself your really only getting some glitter flex but chilis over another eyeshadow Louis is drop dead gorgeous in my opinion. 

I can't say which shadow is my most favorite out of the 6. All of them are beautiful and the staying power is magnificent but if I had to pick my most most most favorite out of all them I would have to say it would be CoCo it's a unique color that looks great on the lid also as an inner corner highlight and lastly on the lower lash line. 

Vivienne is not only an eyeshadow to me that I use on the lids or to highlight my eyes but it also looks great on the tops of my cheeks, cupids bow, basically anywhere I highlight my complexion. This eyeshadow is just stunning and it's the perfect cool toned highlight I have been lusting after.

And may I add that Laurent is a spot on dupe for Urban Decay's BlackHeart but it's not dry or chalky feeling. I prefer to use this one over the Urban Decay one any day.

Overall dolls this palette gets 4 SNAPS SNAPS OF FIERCENESS

Next up I have 1 of the Glitter Me Lip Glosses that is also new to the Sleek collection and these glosses come in 3 different shades.

The packaging is your standard sleek lip gloss tube that has gold trimming at the top, which I am sucker for it because it looks elegant. Glitter Me has a slanted pointed doe foot applicator that is perfect for lining and contouring your lips when you are applying the gloss. 

Don't let the Glitter me name fool you it does have a nice wash of color to it and subtle hints of flex that won't make your lips look like they belong to a disco ball in Studio 54. But there is one con to this gloss if you wear it by itself it does apply a little bit streaky on the lips.

No matter how much I try during application of this gloss in certain areas on my lips this gloss will not set or adhere to. So I tend to opt out of using this gloss by itself and more for adding a little fierceness to a lipstick.
I like how it has purple,silver, and red flex giving the illusion of a monochromatic feel and look to the lips.

Once I get my replacement highlighter I will come back and share my thoughts regarding the gorgeous highlighting palette that will make your Highlight on Fleek! lol!

Overall I am in love with this collection especially the I-Lust Palette in The Gold Standard which has the perfect colors for this season to create many looks with. And pretty much can be used all year round. I just love how you can get a great number of diverse looks from it, anything for work,school to Holiday soirees.

If you would like more product or purchase information head on over to Sleek's Website at

As always Thank You So Much for stopping by until next time - xoxo Cynthia

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