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Summer is rapidly approaching us thank God! As we say good bye to the dark and vampy eye looks and makeup looks and hello glowing, natural beautiful skin. From beautiful simple looks to that famous no makeup makeup looks we embrace it for Summer months because we want our skin to breath. Pixi Beauty by Petra offers elegant natural beauty products that are perfect all year round especially for the warmer months!  Pixi has released some amazing products from their Spring and Summer 2015 collection where you can find them at your local Target Beauty section or purchase the products online. Full review on their H20 SkinTint, Foundation makeup brush, and their Undercover Crayon that will help you combat those dreaded dark under eye circles.
 In the warmer months I like my makeup or beauty products that will give me an all put together look with minimal effort and I am all for that. I am such a huge fan of Pixi's products it's ridiculous! Pixi Beauty is also known as a Masstigious brand which means a higher end brand that is sold in mass drugstores at an affordable price point. Their motto is to enhance your natural beauty and not sell you a pipe dream that if you wear their products your going to be Flawless. I will never ever ever!! get tired of saying how much I love their core founding principles.

 Here are a couple of my Pixi Summer essentials

Foundation Brush $15
This brush surprised me from left field, this is my 3rd makeup brush from Pixi and I have to say Pixi empresses me more and more when it comes to their brushes. You can use this brush for your liquid or powder foundation, apply your highlight,blush,blend out your concealer to an air brushed perfection. The brush is dense and packed with silky bristles that feels amazing to the touch. and best part of all the brush doesn't feel cheap, it's sturdy and light weight. After quite a few washes this brush has not shed which I am in awe of, not 1 hair has come off of this brush!. Now if your applying any complexion product this is the type of brush that you act like your painting a house up and down, and it does curve on the contours of your facial structure. So what I do when applying complexion products I do the swipe up and down motion with one side of the brush and then when I have laid down the base I flip the brush over and blend the streaks out with the clean side. And it works, basically I can apply all my makeup products for my look minus the eyes with this brush. Pretty impressive I might have to say!! 

H20 SkinTint $24

The H20 Skin Tint is claimed to be a Cooling and Hydrating sheer tinted water-base gel. And you use it as if you were applying moisturizer. The packaging it a long tube with a pump that disperses the right amount of product for each application. The texture and consistency is a skin tone gel based product that isn't runny or to thick of a consistency. For application I pat this product into my skin without applying any moisturizers or my facial serums that I use in my daily skincare routine. This will instantly absorb into your skin while giving your skin a boost of moisture,refreshness, hydration  while evening out your skin tone. I like to use this by itself on days I don't feel like applying any heavy foundations or as a base to a light weight foundation with light to mid coverage. This product also leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth and supple.

Undercover Crayon in Perk Up Peach $14

The Undercover crayon in perk up peach is a peach shade corrector that will neutralize the purple and blue tinges under your eyes which cause those dreaded dark circles. A corrector will not cover your dark circles it just neutralizes by evening out and brightening your under eye area to awaken your complexion and as a base to your concealer. The texture of this crayon is not as creamy as I would have hoped for, so what I do is circle the crayon on the back of my hand to warm up the product or I will dip the product in the tiniest amount of argon oil this causes the crayon to glide onto the skin with more ease. Once it's easier to work with this is a MUST HAVE in your makeup routine all year round. The crayon is like the correction concentrate but in a stick form but not only the texture is different the final out come as well. I felt with the crayon the concealers I would use on top of it would cling onto the crayon much better than the original correction concentrate which baffles me because the texture isn't sticky.  Don't get me wrong I love the correction concentrate but I like the performance of the crayon a tad bit more. 

 Well dolls here are a couple of my Summer Essentials with Pixi Beauty I just received a few more items that I know are going to be a Go To for this Summer as well!

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