Jordana Dramatic Effects Mascara and Cat Eye Liner Review

Jordana Cosmetics is well known and loved at the drugstore beauty sections. Jordana offers high performing makeup products that are dirt cheap that are perfect for any beauties who are on a budget from adults to beginners who are starting to build up their makeup collection. Their latest Dramatic Effects Mascara and Cat Eye Liners  offers a whole slew of pops of colors which are perfect for eye looks for the summer months and all year round Full Review and Swatches
Editor Press Samples: Jordana Cosmetics is a sister company to Milani and we all know Milani's products are amazing and amongst the favorites for many of us dolls. So you know Jordana's products are going to be the same great quality just like Milani. Jordana has really revamped their collection this year and each new launch gets better and better! I have 2 new launches so let's get into the review shall we?
The Dramatic Effects Mascara collection comes in 9 different vibrant shades that range from a light teal to a deeper shades like a beautiful red. The brush head is your standard brush head and bristles these mascaras are only used to add color to your finished look and are not made for adding volume or length to your lashes. 

The formula is right in the middle not to thick or watered down, you can use these on your lashes with or without a base mascara that will provide you the length,volume etc you would like your lashes to look. Whichever color you see in the tube is the exact shade your going to get on your lashes. These are one of the first colored mascaras I have ever owned in my entire life that has great color pay off and appear on your lashes even the lighter shades show up perfectly. You do not have to build up the color intensity and only one coat is all you need  and you are good to go! The mascaras are so much fun to turn a simple eye look into a fierce one in no time and they do not flake or seep under your eyes after 9 hours so you will not have colorful raccoon eyes at the end of your day.

Next up we have the Cat Eye Liners
The collection has a total of 8 shades to choose from you get your standard black and brown shades that will suit an everyday look  and you can pick up shades that are more vibrant and colorful. The liners come with a precise pointed applicator that allows you to line your eyes and create a winged out cat eye liner look with ease which will benefit those who have a hard time creating wings to the beginners. the formula is a happy medium and if you do an error you have a couple seconds to fix it but once it sets chilis it sets! You can cry,get caught under the rain, or go swimming and your liner will not move or budge until you use a a cleanser to remove the product. I was shocked on how amazing these liners performed which are  better than a couple of higher end liners I am currently testing out. I like to use any one of these on a daily and love creating different eye look combinations along side the mascaras.


As you can see each liner is highly pigmented and will add a little sprucing to your looks.

Here is a look I created that I wear a lot of the times to work or when I am out and about.
Well loves as you can see my eye look the vibrant colors in both mascara and liner, and I have jet black lashes and normally colored mascaras do not show up on me. 

 Well loves let me know in the comment section below do you think your going to be picking up any of these 2 collections in the comment section below.

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