Eyeko Me and My Shadow liner Review

Eyeko is a brand that we all know during our long walks through Sephora stores. Their known for those amazing liquid eyeliners to gives those winged liners to the dramatic cat eyes. Their liners last through sweat,heat and are perfect for the warmer months. Their latest Me & My Shadow waterproof eyeshadow and liner are perfect for this Summer. These are the perfect makeup products to throw in your beach bag or while your sitting pool side catching some rays and going for a dip. Because your eye look will still be there. Full Review and Swatches

 Editor Press Samples:  Eyeko is one of my favorite brands when it comes to attempting to make the perfect wings since I am still working on my winged game. When they released this I was all about giving them a try since it said WATERPROOF. For those dolls who live in warmer climates, have hot flashes, and for this summer are really going to appreciate this newest addition.

Two the colors that I have are Topaz and Quarts the packaging is sleek and black with the color band on the product so if you store upside down then you will know at all times the shade that your pulling out from your vanity. This product is a twistable product that is great for those who hate sharpening!
At the end of both products is a cap that once you take it off you have a flat liner brush so if your using this for your water line or for your lash line you will be able to get a precise line.
The texture and consistency  is creamy not to creamy that you will not be able to line your eyes or that it will slick off. Feels very silky to the touch and blends like a dream! You can even use these as eyeshadow or as an base to your powdered eyeshadows AND! As an all over highlighter on the places you highlight!


As you can see these are beautiful and gorgeous and they will not come off until you apply a cleanser to remove! Which are perfect for the summer and all year, let me know in the comments section below if your thinking of picking up any of these products.

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