New CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara and Intensify Me Eyeliner by LashBlast Review

CoverGirl Has recently released their Super Sizer Mascara that offers fuller longer looking lashes from root to tip. As well as their Intensify Me Eyeliner that offers a liner that can give you thicker and thinner precise application on your lash line for a fuller looking lashes. These products are going to start popping up at drugstore beauty section near you. Full Review and Swatches

Editor Press Samples: CoverGirl is a leading drugstore brand that has been in the beauty industry for years. Their products are high performing and great quality at affordable prices. Their latest 2 launches claims are bold  and CoverGirl wants you to make a statement while your out and about.

Super Sizer Mascara

The claim are pretty hefty for up to 400% volume, I was super excited to try this mascara because I have lashes that look spruce and womp womp lol. The packaging is bright and teal and is pretty thick all around.

 The brush the head itself is small with tiny spikes that will allow you to get right into the base root of your lashes even to the small ones that are in the inner corner of your eyes. You can even create some vava voom with your lower lash line.

With just 2 coats your lashes will intensify for longer fuller looking lashes. The formula doesn't make your lashes feel heavy they actually feel super light weight. The curl does hold up pretty good and no clumps I did see some flaking after 7 hours of wear  but it was very  minimal, and no raccoon eyes after 9 hours. Making this mascara super amazing and a must have in your makeup bag!

Intensify Me Eyeliner

The tip of this eye liner is like a smaller paddle where you can change it's angle for a smaller to thicker line.
The pigmentation is super black black black!! So you don't have to worry about building up the intensity of the color. I thought this was going to be a gimmicky product, but after using it for a 2 weeks and getting it down in my routine I find working with it to be very easy. It doesn't skip and it glides with so much easy in lining your eyes or creating your wings. If you make a mistake you do have time to correct but once it's set it set and will not budge or move on you even through a hot flash! I can appreciate the form of the tip because with normally with a pointed felt tip eyeliner the tip always becomes to wobbly and always makes it harder to work with in application. With this liner I don't foresee that happening.  I do like the grip on the handle allowing  you to get a more precise application.

I do enjoy this liner and mascara together because used together they are a dynamic duo.
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