Great Budget Beauty Finds For week ending 6/9/2013

Hello Darlings and Gents, I hope and pray that your kick off to the week was at a great start! I am starting out a new series of videos on my youtube channel called Budget Beauty and each week I am going to set a $10-$15 dollar budget for the week, that is including the sales tax, I can't go over my budget with the sales tax ( that always gets me) I will be showing the Great Affordable prices and great product finds, as well as the great prices but the not so great products. Now I know there is a million and one youtube channels that have "drugstore" great products, dupes, empties videos, ect. But I have come to the realization that sometimes these people will push a product and the product isn't that great. I have noticed a particular person that I just watched and watched for hours on end, and I can see the change in that person starting to happen. They get all caught up in the glitzs and glams of it all. But really they are not helping people who are truly on a budget. I have always been running out and buying that product that person or persons have said. And more that half the time ya, I have found some great products, and most of the times "NO" I would go to Sephora and spend $100 here a $100 there and I would be like really this product isn't all that big of a deal. So I am at a point and a mission to show people the great finds and products and to show my journey on budgeting my Money properly and growing my makeup collection. And hopefully I can show you a trick or to on how to budget your money, and maybe you can show me yours because we are soo ever learning new things every day. I thank you for your time, and if you want to subscribe to my channel or view it you can find me by the search bar in youtube by my email and its cynthiasdelrio@gmail.com I hope and pray you guys have a great day. xoxo C

P.S. God Made You Perfect in His Image

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