Girl Don't Stress it will cause you Wrinkles!

Stress will cause you wrinkles

Hello Darlings, and Gents I hope and pray that you guys are all doing very well. As Ephesians 4:26-27 Reads. "In your anger do not sin, Do no let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold."

               So true, I was going to write a review about some affordable prices, and products. But today I had a really tough day. I was put in a situation that really shook me to the core. I am a slow pot cooker, you know when your making a stew and you put it in the cooker, and it boils and boils and it lets out that steam to let you know when its ready. I am that type of person, If my buttons are being pushed, I hold it, hold it in, until my cap lets that steam out and it's all going down like Downtown Julie Brown. I am SO sick of people who think since I am in a situation that I can't freely speak my mind, they think they can walk all over me. I used to be that person who will battle it out with words and fists. But I am not that person anymore, especially after being saved by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, by being Adopted by  the King of All Kings my God. I am not that Ruthless person anymore. I look at my life how it was before I was saved, and I can see Now God's presence there even when I had my eyes closed, and my ears deaf. He waited and called me, and my life has had such a great change in myself and as well as my whole family's life But. I am only human, and things are going to get me down or bother me. But i need to work on going God about first and praying. Today i just went off, after this person just went about something the wrong way. I am more mad at myself for letting that put me in that type of Anger, and Stress.

              When we are all put in a situation that doesn't please us right away we want to act on it, and get that person. If its either saying harsh words, fighting, ect. We want them to hurt as much as they made us hurt. But that's not the right way to go about it. We need to Stop the Stress and Anger that comes along with that feeling. And kill them with kindness, no matter what,  that person can't take charge of Your Life, and Take that much of your Time and Energy. it's not worth it, and it is not what God would want us to do. Just let it in, and don't let it out. Because if you do they have that Power over you, and you can't let them. God is the only one who can have that Power, no one else. If you ever get in that type of position remove yourself from that situation, and Pray. Talk to God, He and only Him  is the only  person who Judges us. He has our life planned, He is Before Us, Behind Us, and Beside Us. God might not be on time but HE will never be late. And God will get you through that situation and many more to come.

                    Thanks for Reading and letting me get that off my chest. I will see your next time.

                      XOXO- C

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