Budget Beauty Tip 101

Hey Everyone I hope and pray that you Darlings are doing Fabulous! So today's Budget Beauty Tip 101 in Growing your makeup collection on a budget is........ Subscribing to a Beauty Subscription Box Service. There are many beauty boxes out there they range from $10-12 dollars and some are $21 or higher. I suggest on sitting down and in your  budget diary ( I will go into a budget diary in a next blog) or where ever you keep track of your credits and debits. See exactly what price point you can afford month to month on a box. Now majority of boxes you can do month to month and if there is a month you can not afford it you can either opt out for that month, or unsubscribe for that month. Now opting out and unsubscribe is different for each company. So it's important to see what their policy states on that matter. Each box is a little bit different but for the most part, you will get 4-5 deluxe sized samples or some full sized products.

   Once you figured out the figure you can add into your budget, pick the Beauty Subscription service that fits right into your budget. Once you figured that out, I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest for you to do your research on the boxes that your thinking to subscribe too. Go to Youtube and type in the company's name and unboxing, unbagging, ect. See past months or present months. Read blogs of the unboxings. Now don't take into consideration the expression of the person, screaming "oooh yess, ooohhh yess" or the person who says "REALLY, I HATE THIS REALLY!".

         Yes, you want to see what others are feeling of the unboxing, but look at the products and brands. Ask yourself are these products or brands that I would love to try, or have used. Find the "Box" that's going to suit you. Because what's going to work for someone may not for you and vice versa. So you want to find the one you think you would be most happy with. Yes you are not going to love all the products, buts its also very fun to try New products from brands you never even heard of.

            So I am subby to Ipsy which is $10 and Glossybox is $21 they are both month to month. I have been with both boxes for about 4 months now, and my makeup collection has grown a lot just with the 2 boxes. Ipsy is great because its cheap and a lot of the times your getting literally 5 full sized products. Ever since I have become a member I have had 90% full sized products. Last month's Ipsy's Spring Fling Bag totaled out to $68.89 and you only pay $10 its amazing!.

              So I hope you luvs found this Budget Beauty Tip 101 helpful. Let me know if you have any questions, and Thank You for Your Time.

                          XOXO--- C 

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