Do you want Tea to go with those Bags under your eyes??

Yes the title says it All, I have major dark circles and bags under my eyes. I have tried everything from Highend to Drugstore, which gets me at a lowend, lol. I have watched hours on end on youtube what others thought is a great concealer, stopped in at Sephora and Ulta. Bought what they have recommended and always, always I am very disappointed in the product. I have tried different combos, I tried DIY, by mixing a few in a little jar, different techniques. So I am going to document my journey to find that perfect concealers and review the ones I have been using that didn't work as I would have liked it.
I have purchased this NYX Water Proof concealer in CS03 in light. You can find NYX in store and online at Ulta, as well as the NYX website www.nyxcosmetics.  Now NYX is a great cosmetics line that I love because I feel a certain connection with the brand. My grandma past away a few days after my birthday, earlier this year. One of the last memories of her, is that she bought me my very first makeup bag that, I actually used. I always had makeup growing up but just never used it. NYX was the brand that was mostly in the bag she bought me. So when I think of NYX I think of that last memory I have with her. But with NYX its fifty fifty your gonna love some products, and your gonna dislike it. But that's with everything.
Pros of this product:
Very easy to apply, smooth, you can blend it out, has a light weight consistency. Price is $4.99, the packaging is make simple for use, has a twist body to move product up and down. Has a wide range of shade to fit most needs, and skin tones. Works great to hide blemishes.
Cons of this product:
Doesn't have a long staying power, I really don't think it's water proof, If you have fine lines under your eyes, it will crease and your lines will pop out more, giving you a droopy eye.
Product Final Grade: C
It is a great price point, it does have a wide range of shades, For me it didn't work. I still would suggest to others who don't have really dark undertones under their eyes. So overall it's not a bad product, and it's not a great product.  




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