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Hey Beautiful Dolls! I hope that you all are doing great. I wanted to start this series on Cdel Beauty called "Through My Eyes" where I will talk about certain topics and share my views and thoughts. Some people who will read this may agree with me and some might not and totally chew me out. But these are personal opinion. So today's topic is all about Blogging, especially being a beauty blogger so if you want to read what I honestly think about this topic get a cup of coffee or wine it's a long one.

  Cdel Beauty has been up and running  for over a little bit of a year now, I started this blog because I was affected by health problems and I wasn't able to work for 2 years and being at home, hospital, doctor's appointments I was becoming very depressed. I constantly watched Youtube beauty gurus and decided that hey I should do a blog. Talk to people about the love of beauty products and gain back some normalcy into my life. Learn and share my love of beauty with like minded people. That was the whole purpose and it still is. But along this journey I have had  met a couple different types of bloggers.

They are the:
  • The Pinks - Bloggers who are successful in their own right, but if you are a new blogger/ veteran blogger and  wanting to gain knowledge from them they DO NOT WANT TO OFFER ANY ADVICE. If you ask them "hey how do I gain more traffic, which are the best key words to show up better on search engines" Simple things something that a new blogger would really want to know. Starting up a site can be a tad bit overwhelming especially since 5 in every 10 people are bloggers now. But the main question I have noticed from my personal experience you can't get them to even say 1 small tiny inkling of a question is "How do you get companies to work with you?" Dolls that's a major shut down operation right there some of the Pinks will literally tell you "well you probably won't get to that point."  And there are a few who will not say it in such a blunt matter, but they will go around the block and leave hints to you and at the end of the conversation you feel defeated. I don't get it why do you have the nerve to even say that to someone?

  • Besties- These are the bloggers who will welcome you with open arms and help you along the way. From advice on marketing your site, to how to design your layout, encouraging you and cheering you on, basically making a true  GENUINE FRIENDSHIP, I know a couple of bloggers who I hold to my heart like Rose held Jack in the titanic *Well not the Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet version the  2 of them soo could have floated together on that big door!!* LOL*  Those Dolls always were there for me and even though I never told them what my personal struggles that I was battling those 7 key people don't know how much they really truly helped me not just in being new to the "beauty community" but in my personal life. I could never thank them enough in my whole lifetime, it's that deep. And you will meet a key group of people who you will know if the friendship is real or not. 
And That brings me to the next group of people
  • The Greys- You might ask your self why I call a group of people I have encountered "The Greys" well in my mind between black and white there is  grey. Some people  will befriend you for ulterior motives. They will act like they care about you as a person but in their mind they are just pumping you for information and then use you as a stepping stone to get their sites to a point where they want it to be at. They will contact companies that you are working with, follow the same exact people from companies you are working with even if they have never even said a hello to that person. Boom they see you following someone from a company they want to work with that you personally know and is working with  next second boom they are clicking follow or request  from YOUR CONTACT LISTS from Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. Like they don't even know who this person is, but they contacting them and using your contact lists and your name for a stepping stone. I don't get it and it pisses me off. 
A major problem I have that  aggravates me in the Beauty Community this is sort of a rant but I am sorry we can agree to disagree but these are my honest thoughts.
 My main question is

  There is major competition and jealously in this community and it makes me fking sick! I can't stand when people start comparing themselves to others. From views, followers, posts, spelling, grammar, anything under the sun. Who is working with what brand , and getting these products. Why do some feel that what does other person have that I don't? What makes them  special to work with and not me what this what that. It's EXHAUSTING!!!!!.

I used to be more open to meeting more and more like minded people with the passion for beauty or blogging in general, but now I am sort of afraid to even befriend people anymore. 
 I swore I would never ever be like the Pinks, if someone ever asked me some advice, or tips I am always down to share the knowledge that I have that worked for me. I am not successful in any shape way or form. I don't understand why some people want to compare themselves to me, there is only 1 Cdel Beauty and there is only 1 of you. Which ever is your blogging community you are apart of your brand is your own image and own it. Don't compare yourself to every Tom, Dick, or Harry that you meet and  don't worry if they had 30,000 page views for one month and you had 200. Who Cares! remember why you started to blog in the first place! Yes it's amazing when you see the fruits of your labor by working with your favorite brand, or being featured on well known established website for fashion or cooking, or turning your blog site into a business and earning an income off of it. 

 But if you are not at that point that where you want your site to be at, don't start comparing yourself and giving half assed compliments to other  people who have established sites and are your "friends". You can't say your happy for someone, but why  are you so special to work with and not me under one breath? I don't get it, I am tired of the comparisons and competition. 

 My personal spin/tips on beauty blogging:
   Whether if you are new or a veteran if you run into a person who is from The Pinks don't sweat it, you will always meet a couple of amazing people who will Genuinely be your friend with no ulterior motives who will give you a helping hand along the way . It doesn't matter if you have met 30 real friends or 3 you will always always meet someone who you will connect with on a more real level. 

 Do your research on companies before you contact them, or if they contact you. Never go under someone's blog and look through the timeline of posts and start contacting the companies that person has worked with. If you don't research the brand, history, core values. and you are doing this just for the notoriety of working with a brand or getting products its not worth it. Because that company might not be a good fit for you and your site to share with your readers and subscribers. 

 If you have been blogging for about 2 years and a person that you know has only been blogging for 8 months and they are working with brands and you are not. Who Cares never loose sight on why you started your site to begin with, don't validate yourself by who you worked with, or  where you were featured. Every person has their time, it might not happen to you right now but if you keep pursuing your passion your time will come. 

 Build Relationships and Contacts on your OWN!!! Don't go under someone's contact list of the people they know personally and start reaching out to them. That person started at square one and did the hard work and ground work to build relationships with people. It's annoying and disrespectful for someone to go and start contacting people who they do not know personally or worked with and start following them and contacting them. If you are a beauty blogger who wants to work with brands and make a name for yourself and feel that you have been blogging for 3 years well then  YOU have to lay the ground work and form those relationships YOURSELF. Don't be a parasite feeding off of other's who worked hard to get get those relationships and contacts  and pitch a free ride of their contact lists. To me that's tasteless and NOT CLASSY.

Everyone has personal goals that if they accomplished them they are successful in their eyes and that's all that matters. Don't worry about what other's are doing, worry about you and stay true to you.

   Well Dolls let me know what your honest non censored thoughts on this subject I would love to hear all your personal thoughts.

 Thanks for listening Dolls.
xoxo, C

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