Beauty For Real Review

Press Samples:  "Beauty For Real we want you to look great, feel great and have fun while doing it.  By utilizing the latest technology in packaging, partnering with the top chemists and laboratories in the country, we've created a straightforward, modern range of high functioning cosmetics with amazing formulations in the most wearable, go to shades."

Beauty For Real
Key Product Features:
  • Essential products in shades for women of all ages.
  • Jam-packed with skin loving, plant derived antioxidants, essential oils and vitamins to encourage and enhance inner and outer beauty.
  • Formulated paraben free!
  • Super smart packaging, core products have mirrors and LED lights built in!
  • Designed for the women on the go, a perfect application anywhere, anytime!"

 Hey Beautiful Dolls I have a new brand that I recently discovered through Gloss48 and that is Beauty for Real. They are unique in their own right with  led lights on all their products which you can control at the top of each product by pressing a button. It is not like other brands where when you untwist and open the light comes on instantly.   

 Miracle Mascara "Very Black" $23

  • "This daily miracle is a creamy, long wearing formula that is resistant to oil, sweat and tears, yet comes off easily"

The packaging is a little bulky in my personal opinion, if you throw it in your makeup bag you the way the packaging feels you would easily mistake it for a lip gloss! The mascara formula itself does a really good job at coating and separating my lashes. The brush is shaped in a way that it will get to the hard to reach lashes. It is long wearing, and through my hot flashes the mascara did not give me raccoon eyes! 

True Color Lip Cream "Always There" $22
"Your lips, only better. This is that perfect color that enhances and defines your own lip color for a gorgeous, natural look"

 This cream is not to thick of a consistency that it just slicks off your lips. It wears great, highly pigmented and long wearing. The color is to die for! The scent reminds me Bonnie Bell lip products, the light does come in handy for when your applying it in the evening but the light is so strong you can use it as a flashlight. I just wish that there was a dial or settings to bring down the intensity of the light.I suffer from cluster migraines and sometimes the light just adds to the problem when I am having an episode. But overall it's a great product!

Light Up Lip Gloss $16

This product has a sheer wash of pink color to your lips with tiny shimmer. The product glides on to your lips and doesn't feel sticky on your lips. Which I love! It can be paired with any lipstick to create a killer lip combo, or by itself for a your lips but better color. The light on this one didn't really work since I received it and the light was non existent which I preferred it more because the it's the right amount of light not to strong or two weak. 

Get Lit in the Pink $29
"Get Glowing! Cheek Tint and Luminizer features a highlighter, GET LIT, which is a light, luminescent mother of pearl and the cheek tint, IN THE PINK, is a fresh pink that brings a nearly natural rosiness to the skin"

 The packaging is perfect for the 2 in 1 highlighter and cream blush. When you open it from the top you get the cream highlighter and when you slide the bottom out you get the cream blush. It is not bulky so it's perfect for travel.  Each compartment is separate so the products do not run into each other. I hate when products do that!  Each product is super pigmented and easy to build up the color intensity and blend out. The highlighter is a gorgeous rose gold color and the blush is a apricot rose color. Best way I can explain it! Both products are long wearing and sweat proof you know me and my hot flashes if it lasts it's the best! 

 Well Dolls I have 1 more product from BFR but I am putting that product in a separate post. Let me know if you have checked this brand out on Gloss48 or their website

 Thanks Dolls for stopping by Until Next time xoxo

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