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Press Samples: "We live for lipstick. Get excited about primers. (No, seriously, we do.) But most of all, we love sharing our makeup secrets with you. Why? Because we are the only beauty brand born out of a real photo studio—the legendary Smashbox Studios in L.A.—and creating gorgeous looks is what we do here. We know your lives can be as crazy demanding as our shoots, so we develop makeup for everyone that feels great to wear every day—from the set to the street. So come on in. Hang out with us. It's all about being your most kickass beautiful self at Smashbox."

 Hey Beautiful Dolls! I have a few Smashbox products to share with you that I have really been testing out these past couple of weeks. Lately I have been testing out my makeup products to the T. You know how alot of companies will state all these claims on their products that they will do this  and that etc. Their technology and innovative products will basically change your life, or will help you get out the door quicker. So I have been really zeroing in if it's true or not, and does it really live up to the hype that other's say who have tried out the products. I put Smashbox through the grueling tests and if you want to find out if they passed Just keep Reading :)

 Limitless 15hr wear cream shadow "Amethyst"
Self Beauty Award 2013 for best cream eyeshadow 
    • 12 super creamy, vibrant shades
    • No creasing, no caking, no flaking
    • Holds up against water and humidity

 There is a total of 9 shades to choose from they carry from your lights to your bolder colors. First of all for this particular shade is Gorgeous!! Perfect color to create a look that is perfect for Fall. You can use it by itself or for a base to your shadows. The consistency of the product is a happy medium not to thick that it won't glide on easily, and not to watered down so it won't just slick off your lids in .005 seconds. It is very easy to work with and does last a 9hr day. I can't fully say it will hold up for 15 hours because I don't keep my makeup on that long. But I can say it really holds up through sweat,rain, humidity and hot flashes!!! 

Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner
Allure Beauty Winner 2013
"Ditch your sharpener, but stay sharp! This waterproof kohl eyeliner glides on and self-sharpens every time you twist the cap off. Inspired by Smashbox pros who sharpen before every use on set, this first-of-its-kind pencil has a sharpener built right into the cap for a perfect tip-so you'll always get a precise line."

In this collection there is a total of 9 shades to choose from, normal kohl colors or 3D liners which contains small micro glitter. When I first received these I thought I received damaged eyeliners! The bottom part twists but the product doesn't raise up or down. I was so annoyed because  I really wanted to try these but I wasn't going to able to use them for so long because the point is small and it will wear down. But after watching a million youtube videos and finally one of  them stated that the when you twist the cap it sharpens the liners. So you would never have to sharpen them! I was like Whaaa!!!??!? And it really does!  it's like magic everytime you use it! The liners are richly pigmented, creamy, long wearing. I can still see the liner on my water line after a 9hr day. You can get a thin precise line or a bolder thicker line so I love that you can get the best of both worlds. Or you can smudge them out for a eyeshadow or use these as a base to your powder shadows. And If you know me I love Multi-Functioning products! 

Photo Finish Color Correcting Blend Primer
"Color correcting, wrinkle reducing, and dark spot defying"

 The consistency of this product is more like a concoction of things in my personal opinion it's like a gel,cream,silicone base all rolled up into 1 * I know weird but that's how I look at it lol* It does do a great job of evening out my skintone especially since I have hyper pigmentation all over my face. It does extend my foundation longer than the original.  I also  feel it is a bit different from the Photo Finish Foundation primer. The texture on how you skin feels is totally different, I actually prefer this one over the original. 

Nude Lip Liners
These are super creamy, long wearing, and you can use these by themselves for a Kylie  Jenner lip look. 

Full Exposure Palette 
  " Essential: 14 must-have neutral shades-from nudes to blacks, long-wearing shimmers to velvety-smooth mattes. 
·    Effortless: With shimmers in the top row and mattes along the bottom, it's easy to turn up or tone down the luster. Remember, when using the shimmer shades, be sure to apply by pressing down, rather than sweeping across lids.
·    Enhanced for your eye shape: Breakthrough eye shape chart to get your most gorgeous look

 The palette offers so many different looks it's unbelievable. You get 14 shadows in this palette the top row is shimmery satin finish and the bottom row is all matte shades. They are richly pigmented the consistency of the shadows are super buttery and easy to work with. The only one that is chalky is the black shade, I personally use that one wet and as a liner. A big selling point for me personally is that you have a mix of warm and cool tones. This palette has made me obsessed over a taupe smokey eyes look. You can wear 5 shadows in one look and you can see the distinction and actually can see the each color blend into one another. Where as in a Naked 3 palette you can wear 5 shadows and they all start to become muddy and look like 1 single color once you start blending. I do like how the palette comes with a great quality brush and it does a great job at applying the shadows. Where as some other palettes that I own that comes with a brush I have personally didn't like them or use them alot. But with this one I use it constantly.  The Full Exposure mascara is Amazing! it  lengthens, coats each lash, and holds the curl of my lashes and the best part it doesn't give me raccoon eyes at the end of a work day at the office. 

 Well Dolls Overall after testing each and every product to the fullest I do have to say Smashbox was not deceiving me with their product claims. Each and every product has performed to the fullest and exceeded my expectations. I have heard so many mixed reviews on the Full Exposure palette and I fully agree with the ones who love it and speak highly on it. The only con I would have to say on the palette is that the rubberized packaging does get dirty easily and fast. So to keep that in check I always wipe it down with a makeup wipe after each use. 

 Well Dolls have you tried any of these products that I have show you today? leave me in the comment section below what's your thoughts are. If you haven't let me know which is your favorite Smashbox product. 

Well Dolls Thanks so much for stopping by always remember everyday is your runways so you better work it! 

 Until Next Time Xoxo

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