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 Hey Beautiful Dolls!! Happy Fall! it's getting colder and mother nature is doing her best work, I just wish that snow wouldn't come yet! I have a couple questions to ask you, Do you have dry, frizzy, damaged hair? Do you constantly blow dry and style your hair everyday or very frequent through out the week? The list can go on! I was recently introduced to a amazing brand KMS California, let me tell you dolls this brand is the BEST BEST BEST BEST BRAND EVER! They offer a great range of products which will change your life. I would take a lie detector on how HONEST I AM ABOUT HOW GREAT THIS BRAND AND PRODUCTS ARE.

  Let me tell you my hair type

  • Dry
  • Frizzy
  • Split Ends
  • Combination scalp lol! Oily and Dry
  • Color Treated
  • Damaged
  • Thick 
  • Use Heated products frequently 
Let's get started with the Frizz products that I have been using everyday!

 Tame Frizz Taming Creme 
"Controls hard to tame frizz adds definition and style manageability. Humidity resistance provides heat protection. 

 You can apply this to dry or damped hair I personally  use it both ways. The consistency is thick like a paste but not to sticky or tacky. Very easy to apply and work into your hair it does work on all hair types from easy to work with type of hair to a hot mess of frizzy unruly hair like mine lol. Adds a subtle hold while not feeling crunchy or gives that flaky dandruff appearance when you brush your hair. I use this especially on my tips of my split ends so that it looks healthy I just got my hair trimmed type of way. 

Tame Frizz Smoothing Lotion 
"Provides instant combability and frizz reduction, leave in formula. Heat resistance provides heat protection."

All I can say is this is a flat iron in a bottle! The consistency is perfect to lather your hair up without causing it to have residue build up in your hair and or a look from Grease City! lol!  Your hair will look and feel silky, healthy, a boost of shine. I love it, it does leave your hair looking like you straightened it with a flat iron. 

Free Shape Quick Blow Dry
"Speeds up drying up to 50%, reduces friction while conditions your hair lightly, provides heat protection"

I love shaking up this product! I feel like power ranger activate lol. Apply this to towel dried hair before you blow dry. Very light weight formula to apply, no sticky, greasy or harsh on your hair. Helps maintain your blow out for up to 3-4 days. Overall it's a must have!!

Free Shape 2-in-1 Styling + Finishing 
"Straightening and curling spray for dry hair"

Heaven in a can is what I call this! This is  heat activated dry shaping and hold, basically you apply  this to your hair when you start styling your hair either by  blow dry, straightening etc. Then it starts to grab on to your hair for a more  easier styling. Once you are all set you spray the product again as a finishing spray. I love this, doesn't feel crunchy, it's  manageable, you do not get the flakes, it's not harsh as a hairspray but works as a hairspray. Holds on to your style for dear life but still easy to work with, if you have a style you don't like and you want to change it up again then this product will give you that leverage to do so! With some products if you do not like the final out come well baby girl your stuck with it or wash your hair and start all over again and redo it from square 1. It's not the type of thick spray like an aerosol can would be, it does provide a great mist. I do have a hair tutorial coming with this product so be on the look out!

 You know how they say a picture says a thousand words! Take a peek!

My hair is never looking good like this! I have never received so much compliments on my hair like I have since I have started using KMS!! The proof is in the pictures! 

 A couple major things I love about KMS is there is a product for any hair type or any hair needs. You looking for something particular KMS has it! Another thing I love is that on every product they put on indicators on the strength in hold and shine things of that nature.

Well Dolls let me know which products from KMS interests you in the comment section below. 

Thanks So much for stopping by and as always Remember Everyday is your runways so you better work it! 

 Until Next Time xoxo

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