Bioderma Sebium Micellar Water For Combination/ Oily Skin

Bioderma is the original creator and skincare industry leader in creating their amazing cleansing Miceller Water. Where every 2 seconds in the world one of their purifying cleansing water is being sold world wide. Miceller Water is not just your average makeup remover it cleanses and exfoliates your skin without you having to rinse off your skin with normal water. This product will replace your moisturizer and facial serum because it adds nutrients back into your skin, hydrates, smooths your skin's texture, while plumping up your skin leaving it to feel and look very supple. The Bioderma micellar water I have to share with you is their Sebium that is made for people who have combination to oily skin.

  Editor Press Samples: One I was given the opportunity to work with Bioderma I flipped a lid because I have always heard amazing things about this brand and their collection of micellar waters. Before if you lived in the US you would have to order the products from sellers over seas which can be unsafe at times, but thank goodness Bioderma and their products has hit the US markets and is now being sold at Beautylish.

The first set of micellar water that I tried was the Sensibio which is made specifically for those who have sensitive skin, but if you don't have sensitive skin you can still use that product.

Bioderma has 3 different versions of their micellar waters that will suit the great range of different skin types. Sensibio is for sensitive skin, Sebium is for combination to oily skin, and finally Hydrabio is geared to those who have sensitive dehydrated skin. Even if your not one or the other you can always still use which ever one calls your name and still get the amazing and beneficial results. 

Each collection of the Micellar waters comes in 3 sizes. 

500 ml - $19.95 http://www.beautylish.com/s/bioderma-sebium-h2o-500-ml

250 ml - $12.95 http://www.beautylish.com/s/bioderma-sebium-h2o-250-ml

100 ml - $6.95   http://www.beautylish.com/s/bioderma-sebium-h2o-100-ml

For a product that is very luxurious feeling, high performing and super beneficial to your skin's health it is super super affordable!. Best part of it all is not only does your epidermis reap the benefits when using these products so does your dermis which is the inner layer of your skin.

For awhile this line up and the other 2 collections did  not come with  a pump. So what you have to do is drop your desired amount of product on to a cotton pad or muslin cloth basically however you please. Then proceed with your makeup removal process. Once your done you don't have to rinse, moisturize or use a serum. By using this product your skincare application time will drop significantly because you have 3 products in one.

As for the aspect of being for combination to oily skin, my skin did purge a little bit after the first week of using this version. This caused a breakout on my forehead, tops of my cheeks and jaw line while feeling a little bit bumpy through out my face. However after that first week of testing my skin returned back with a vengeance by being feeling and looking healthy.

Sebium has definitely helped neutralize the hotmess of an oily T-zone that I have. So I have been skipping out on the mattifying primer because with this I don't have to blot with papers or powder constantly just once around hour 4-6 depending on the type of foundation. So if I work 9 hours touching up once is a huge deal!

Comparison Time aka Battle of the products! 

For comparison I choose the Marcelle Makeup Remover which  also has the stamp of appeal from the Canadian Dermatology Association. Marcelle's product has similar properties like in price, makeup removal, doesn't dry out your skin by stripping off your skin's natural oils. Marcelle's doesn't completely have the added benefits that Bioderma has to offer. 

I used my extremely long wearing and waterproofed eyeliner in Trooper by Kat Von D. With  both products I swiped downwards one time with a cotton pad As you can see that the Bioderma has no trace of a waterproofed eyeliner as for Marcelle you can see it removed about 45% of the product. I am sure with one or 2 more passes the Marcelle would not leave any residue traces behind. 

And obviously Bioderma won this comparison / battle.

Well dolls overall I am more than impressed and more pleased with Bioderma Sebium Micellar Water for Combination & Oily skin. There's so many pros to this product that it's no wonder why 1 bottle is sold every 2 seconds. Also if you are not a big fan of a product that doesn't pump well dolls you are in LUCK! You now can purchase this and the other micellar waters with a pump and they have the same exact price so your not over paying to get the same product just with the pump.

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For more product and purchase information you can head on over to Beautylish's website and check out the full collection line up that is offered from Bioderma. 

Well dolls Thank You so much for stopping and until next time xoxo- Cynthia

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