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Tarte Cosmetics has recently launched their Energy Noir Fall Collection that offers trending shades that fits perfectly with Fall eye makeup looks which also goes hand in hand with trending fashion trends. If your makeup is in trend your outfits just ties in together like peanut butter and jelly.This collection offers the Energy Noir eyeshadow palette,lip surgence and lip tint and so much more which gives you lots to choose from when your making your shopping list for Sephora or Ulta. Reviews and Swatches.

Editor Press Samples:  In my personal opinion 2015 has been Tarte's best year in collection and product performance wise. You know how when some brands that are really well known release a product there is some buzz about the product but the product really doesn't blow your eyelashes off and changes your life??  Well from the ball drop for 2015 Tarte hit the ground running and has blown my eyelashes right off and has been a really game changer especially with the Tartelette palette that set the tone for the best matte eyeshadows in the market and other brands followed in Tarte's shadow in upping their matte eyeshadow game *these are strictly my personal opinions, I honestly feel this way*.

So their latest and greatest Energy Noir Collection/ Fall Launch offers quite a decent range of products so I am breaking the collection in 2 parts so this part is strictly all about the purple hues of the collection plus an amazing brush!.
 So to start off this 2 part series with the Energy Noir Palette

With this palette you get 6 eyeshadows plus 2 eyeshadows that are used for eyeliners, 1 blush in a mauve shade, and 1 golden silvery highlighter. The trend of the palette focuses on a mix silver, purple, and mauve hues. 

In this set of eyeshadows you get a mix of satin and matte finishes, the first top six are silky and buttery in texture. The white highlight shade does have some crumbling when you swirl your brush  but it's minimal. The shadows diffuse nicely into each other when you are tying everything in together, major key points for me is  when you are diffusing the shadows is that you will not get that single eyeshadow muddied look. When purchasing an eyeshadow palette if it's highend or drugstore a thing I always suggest to people is that after you have blended the shadows together  do you see each color you used or do you get that flat one shadow look and if you lost all the colors you just laid down  grab your receipt fast and get your money back!

The bottom two eyeshadows  are made specifically for lining your eyes. Both  have a more stiffer, drier texture and consistency I wouldn't say chalky because they are not but you can tell the difference between the upper 6. I have used these dry and the lasting power wasn't that great you will  have smudging under your eyes above your brow bone all over the place! not cute!, but when you use these wet they have a staying power this is mind blowing. 

You can create countless eye looks that not only go great for the Fall and Winter season but for all year round.

The blush in this palette is a mauve shade with a hint of a berry undertone to it, which I think will look killer on any skin tone from the lightest to the deepest. Tarte's blushes are one of the best blushes out in the beauty market and when they are packed into a palette like this one I feel that the performance is even better. I have received palettes from Tarte in the past that has everything from your highlight,contour,blush and eyeshadows and each blush always performs a tad bit better than the stand alone blushes I could be crazy but that's just me. This blush like the rest is finely milled, very opaque, and long wearing. And most importantly when you blend this blush into your skin it gives the appearance of an airbrushed look to it and does not cling to any problematic features.

The highlighter is smaller in this palette which is ok but I wished it would be a tad bigger. You will have to use a smaller brush to pick up product and apply it at the tops of your cheeks and other areas you highlight. But this beauty just gives your skin the most beautiful glow better than a sun goddess!  and doesn't have any micro glitter that will stick to your pores or acne prone skin. 

 One thing I do have to point out is that have you ever come across an  eyeshadow, blush, highlight etc and if you swatch the product with your finger the powder turns kinda hard and you can swatch all day and you will not pick up any product unless you basically grate that area off with a q-tip or a eyeshadow sponge applicator in order to clear that area off in order to pick up any product? This palette does not do that in any of the shadows, blush or highlight. I had to point that out because I run into that alot with other palettes or products. 

From the Energy Noir collection Tarte released 2 lip products 

LipSurgence™ skintuitive™ lip tint in
energy noir

LipSurgence™ skintuitive lip gloss
in energy noir

Lip Tint

Lip Gloss

With both products they apply clear and after a few seconds you do start see a slight berry tint to your lips. You will not get full blow pigmentation just a sheer hint of color, you can wear them on their own to moisturize your lips or on top of another lipstick to add a little bit of a vavoom effect.  They are both moisturizing on your lips, if your wearing an uncomfortable liquid lipstick/ matte lipsticks these will add that much needed good nutrients and hydration to your lips. The applicator for the lip gloss reminds me of a smushed gummy bear but it feels so good when you apply the gloss it feels like it's massaging my lips.

Next up to round up this feature is this beyond amazing brush.

This blush and contour brush has a long bamboo handle and soft synthetic bristles.  The bristles are super luxurious feeling on the skin, there is no shedding or any fall out even after countless amount of times of washing the brush. You can apply an even amount of product to your cheeks in when pass, and this is also perfect on contouring and defining your facial features. The long bamboo handle gives you the ability to control the brush for a precise application. 

You can use this brush with liquid or powered products and I don't only use this for my blush and contouring but for everything else as well. From foundation, setting my under eye with my ambient powders I can use this brush at one sitting for all my complexion products without having to pick up another brush unless it's for my eyes when I am getting ready to start my day. This brush has been a big staple in my makeup routine. 

Well dolls overall I am loving everything from this collection from the countless looks that you can create for Fall and all year round with the palette to the beyond amazing better than chocolate Swirl Power brush. Like I said 2015 has been a great year for Tarte and even better one for the consumers and makeup addicts like ourselves. I can't wait to see the Holiday collection to tie up the year I know it's going to be Brutally Amazingly Fierce!

 Check back very soon where I share with you the rest of the Fall collection. If your on Instagram you can follow me at @cyndidr85 and if your on Twitter you can tweet me @cynthiasdelrios . Let me know in the comments below what has been your go to Fall Staple. 

As always Thank You so much for stopping by and until next time xoxo-Cynthia 

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