Biore Charcoal Collection Review

Biore is a drugstore affordable skincare line that offers high performing products at a very affordable price point. They offer an extensive line of skincare products to help with you any problematic skin features from large pores to dry and sensitive skin. Their new Charcoal Collection claims to reduce the appearance of your pores, and seep deep into your skin to remove the gunk out that prevents acne, black heads etc. In this collection you have lots to choose from the Biore Charcoal Nose Strips, Biore Charcoal Pore Minimizer, Charcoal Cleanser and the Charcoal Facial Bar Soap. So If you have acne prone skin, black heads, larger pores this collection will reduce all those problematic features instantly and as well in improving your skin over time once you added these into your skin care routine. And I honestly believe that these are a good skincare dupe for some of the GlamGlow products that average about 50-60 dollars and this collection is 10x's half of the cost.

Editor Press Samples: Biore is a brand that blew up on the scene with their original Nose strips that removes all the pesty black heads and junk from our noses it's very affective in the removal of that gunk. So when they came out with the charcoal version ooh chilis I was on that like white on rice.

The nose strip is the same size as the original but the performance is totally different in my opinion. This actually works a hundred times better! You can apply this damp on your nose,fore head, tops of cheeks basically anywhere you would like to. Let it sit for about 10-15 mins and remove and you can see all the fun nasty gunk. You know you love seeing those results it's disgusting but cool all at the same time. I think since it's black you can see the results way better than the white one but the charcoal version acts like a stronger magnet and the black heads, pore junk just get's sucked right up.

Now this particular product could be a hit or miss for many people, it's not that the performance is poor and you don't see the best results which is the complete opposite this product is AMAZZING! DOUBLE ZZ'S!  since it's a bar version it would be split in the middle just for that reason. But this product does not lather up to crazy that it's more suds than cleansing.This is a gentle everyday  exfoliator for your skin. Makes your skin look brighter, feels smoother and the size of your pores decreased. I like how this product does not dry out my skin and I personally feel this product will work on all skin types even sensitive skin.

The Charcoal daily cleanser does perform beautifully by:
  • clarifies your skin
  • reduces the size of your pores
  • helps in reducing the natural oils of your skin without excessively reducing the oils causing your skin to dry out.
The texture and consistency is a light weight gel based formula with tiny beads that doesn't really do anything except lightly helping aide in exfoliating the skin. After you cleanse you will see immediate results your skin looks healthier and cleaner. The appearance of your pores are minimized by 85% I can't say it reduces your pore size by 100% because you can still see some of your pores but not as intense in the pre-cleansing stage. 

The almighty pore minimizer is a product that you can use up to 3 times a week depending on your skin type. This exfoliator takes on the role of the charcoal cleanser but bump it up by 200. The texture and consistency is gritter and is a gel based formula. The pump is a little different than your average pump with this particular pump using only one pump you get the right amount of product for each exfoliation.
After each treatment your skin feels smoother, looks brighter and healthier and obvi your pores are minimized, it takes away all that dead skin off especially smooths down those pesty dry patches you might have on your skin. 

Results are not photoshopped these pictures are taken in natural lighting.

Overall this whole collection is a must have in your skincare routine. If you have acne prone skin, large pores, and everything in between  this collection will nip those problematic features right in the butt.
I highly suggest this collection I think it's a dupe for the GlamGlow products in performance wise in removing all that gunk out and aiding your skin to a much healthier state. 

Let me know in the comment section below what's your new go to skincare product for this Fall and Winter Season.

As always Thank You so much for stopping by until next time xoxo-Cynthia

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