Bairly Sheer Spray On Foundation and Blush Review

Bairly Sheer is a fairly new makeup brand that just hit the beauty market very recently and is now being sold at Ulta Beauty Stores and online for us online shopping addicts. They are a brand that is the first full line of spray on airbrushed cosmetics that offers foundation,blush, primer, bronzer, setting spray, body shimmer, and body coverage. Best part of these spray on airbrushed products that Bairly Sheer has to offer is that they are all super affordable at the retail price at $12.99 each product. So if your a teenager back to school, a busy mom, a professional makeup artist, or a busy woman in general this brand and products will get you looking Fierce under 10 minutes and even though you will look fabulous your wallet will not make a dent purchasing these products compared to other brands and products who specialize in airbrushed products. 

Editor Press Samples: I have always wanted to purchase the Dior Airflash foundation after a friend of mine gave me his that was almost gone*he's a mua and swears by it* and I got a good 10 uses out of it and loved every minute of it but that hefty price tag turned me off because I am a beauty on a budget can I get Amen!? So when I was reached out and asked if I could try this brand out and the 2 products that were sent to me I was like YASS Chilis count me in! So I was on a mission to see if the Foundation had the the same result as the Dior Airflash but with a much much cheaper price tag. 

Bairly Sheer Products Claims
"Bairly Sheer’s spray-on formulas use ultra low-pressure technology to provide the lightest delivery of our water-based formulas. As you push down on the nozzle, mineral-based pigments encapsulated in water are propelled into a fine mist which natually feathers out upon contact with skin. This results in a fine layer of coverage which uses 10X less makeup than traditional water-based foundations."

So let's start off with the Ultra Mist Foundation in Shade #4

Company Claims
 Bairly Sheer blends & looks flawless unlike ordinary makeup providing the ultimate buildable coverage without being heavy.  The secret is a soft-spray that’s easy to apply, made for everyday use, and lasts up to 18 hours
  • Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested
  • Minimizes Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Texture
  • Paraben, Alcohol, Fragrance, & Oil Free
  • Water-Based Formula
  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin
  • Never Tested on Animals
The packaging is your simple spray can type of packaging when you shake it you do hear something mixing in the products together for application. I do shake this product for about 10 to 15 seconds hold the product 5-6 inches away from my face and spray in pulsating spurts directly onto my skin. I start from the top of my forehead and make my way down to the base of my neck. On days I don't care for much coverage I only do 1 trip down my face lol and days I want something that is medium coverage I like to do 3 trips to achieve medium coverage. I am not a big fan of full coverage in the Summer and Fall months but with Winter coming around I am sure I will have to build it up to 5 passes of this product for full coverage. 

If you do not feel comfortable spraying the product directly onto your skin you can spray the product on a foundation brush or your beauty blender and still get that airbrushed finished. This foundation is a velvet satin finish and doesn't not cling on to any problematic skin features and will work wonders on mature skin. There are 12 shades of foundations to select from so anyone can find a shade that will match their skin tone. 

I personally don't think this product would last 18 hours I have tested it up to 10 hours when I am at work and the coverage held up amazingly through the hot weather and hot flashes so I was deeply impressed by that performance of this foundation and how easy and beginner/user friendly. Main key points  that I find very attractive about this product is that you do not have to worry about any fall out of the spray getting on to your clothes, in your hair, or every where else like your vanity or mirror. It didn't make my pores look huge, or cling on to my dry areas. And the nozzle didn't get plugged up after x amount of uses so I am very happy with that! You will have to set the foundation with a powder after your initial application and after 5-6 hours you will have to blot once with blotting papers or a powder. 
I do think this is a much cheaper almost there of a dupe for the Dior Airflash but it's not spot on, but it's very comparable to it so I will say if you been wanting to try the Dior one try this one first get your feet wet and be prepared to be amazed and poof wala you will not be thinking on spending no 80 dollars when you can get this for 13!
 * No Photo Shop or adjustments in lighting these pictures were taken in natural lighting.*

Rose Blush

The blush has the same performance and quality of the foundation so right off the bat I have to just let it be known everything I said about the foundation pretty much sums it up for the blush too! So I won't bore you with all the exact same details you just read above :) Few things that I need to say about this particular product is that you do have to apply it in the same pulsating sprays and be prepared for the longest lasting blush of life. It's like you applied tinted super glue on your cheeks it will not budge or move after it sets. You do have some wiggle room to blend the product with your fingers or brush/beauty blender before it completely dries down on your skin to a matte finish. Or sometimes I don't blend with anything at all I just spray along my cheek bones and I am all set to go. 
Overall I am in love with this brand and products not because I was asked to do this feature  this was sent to me as press and with press products I am under no obligation to write about the brand or product if I don't like it or don't believe it would be a great fit here on CdelBeauty or if I do write about it I am not under any obligation to write positive reviews if I don't like it. I give my 1000 % Honest opinion on everything. 

These products were a huge staple in my makeup routine these past couple of weeks after nearly loosing my father and him being in ICU for weeks at a time when your not really wanting to wear makeup when your under extreme stress but still want to look semi presentable and not a hot mess on the outside Bairly Sheer Got's you covered! 
less than 5 minutes to apply foundation and blush that's more than half the battle. 

Well Loves for more product and purchase information you can head on over to 
And check them out under Ulta Beauty's Website As Well

As always Thank You so much for stopping by and until next time xoxo- Cynthia

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