What's in my Beach Bag Featuring Jouer

During the Summer time many of us are either at the beach or sitting pool side laying out catching some rays enjoying the sun we still truck along many products from sunscreen, towels, books and especially our beauty products in our beach bags. When I am going to the pool I like to wear/ carry makeup that not only has an spf in them but will also give me that perfect bronze EFFORTLESS natural beach goddess * love my description!* look. Sort of a no makeup makeup beach bunny in simpler terms. I have a couple Jouer Cosmetics products that I have been using a lot lately and have a designated place in my beach bag.

Editor Press Samples: It's literally been raining like crazy here in Ohio and it felt like we were not going to have that great of a Summer but I am so glad these past couple of weeks the rain has shifted and hello sun and 90 degree weather. So I have cut back on a portion of my makeup routine in half and have been relying more on products that will give me that put together look under a couple minutes, products that will make my complexion glow like the sun, and lip colors that will go perfect with any no makeup makeup beach goddess type of look even if I am swimming,laying out  or having a romantic evening dinner on the picturesque lakes here in Ohio. Whatever I do if it's the beach or the pool I always make sure I carry everything because you just never know where or what your going to do after you have been soaking in the sun, so my motto is be prepared.

Jouer recently released 2 new shades of their Lip Sheers in Tulum and Lanai which are perfect for the summer.

The sleek lightweight packaging is very sophisticated with gold trimming. The top of the lipstick is on a slant making it easier to precisely contour your lips during application. It does have an SPF of 15 will help protect your lips from getting sun burned or damage from the harmful effects the UV rays can cause to your skin. These are sheer lipsticks that will add a nice wash of color to your lips but they but are totally buildable in color payoff. They feel light weight on your lips kind of like a lip balm but not as greasy like some lip balms tend to be, and they super creamy and moisturizing on the lips. These lipsticks do not last more than 1 or 2 hours with your normal talking and drinking so you will have to reapply constantly. Lanai and Tulum go hand in hand with any makeup look your trying to achieve.

Tulum is a pink color with a blue under tone and sometimes I don't know if it's me it looks like a lavender/ violet color on my lips I don't know you tell me in comments below if you think it looks like a violet color.

Lanai is a peach color with a pink under tone to it which is a perfect nude for all skin tones and will not wash your complexion out.

Next up

This is a self adjusting luminizing cheek tint, once the product has contacted your skin's surface it will adjust to your pH levels and after 20 minutes the shade will intensify. Let's start off with the gold square packaging with a small mirror I have to give it to Jouer their packaging screams luxury like Gucci and when you hold it, it does feel expensive and great quality. 

The texture and consistency is more on the thinner side which kind of has a balm feeling to it, and for me personally its best applied with your fingers. You do see flex of shimmer in the pan but it doesn't translate like glitter on your skin so I love that. 

Now, the whole self adjusting part of this product is a no go for me, I have tried this product countless times in the couple of weeks I was testing this and countless times I tried this on friends and family with different skin tones and this really doesn't intensify after 20 minutes you do see a slight I mean slight color after the 20 -30 minute mark but nothing that I would have expected. I thought I would see a little bit more pigmentation but not like a straight up cream product pigmentation more of a wash of blushed cheeks type of deal. 

Now what I really love using this for is for a topper over a cream blush either matte or satin for a dewy wet look. Or as a highlighter on the tops of my cheeks and the other areas I highlight for that dewy wet  editorial magazine look. If you pull up a high fashion magazine photo shoot and you just see that "wet glowing look" that's what this product does for me.

When I  do a purple or bronzey smokey eyes I like to pop this in the center of my lids on top of my cream or powder eyeshadow for that extra  sultry dewiness. 

So even though it didn't perform they way I was hopping for it turned out to be the best best product to help create that high fashion editorial look, and looks killer when I do it for an everyday natural look too. GOSH CHILLIES IT'S 4 SNAPS SNAPS OF FIERCENESS! 

Well dolls that's a few items that I have been putting in my beach bag when I am on the run to my Summery destination for a few hours. Let me know what has been in your beach bag lately.

As always Thank You so much for taking the time in stopping by until next time xoxo- Cynthia

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