Perfected and Protected and Flawless Skin With Aveeno

During the summer months we want our skin our best natural skin to be the best foot forward, many of us will go lighter in foundation/complexion products. We also treat our problematic skin features ie acne prone skin, dull skin,and especially those dark spots that plague our complexions. Aveeno's Positively Radiant line offers a whole line of brightening, perfecting and undulling our complexions their Radiant CC creams offers to even out our skin tone and add a natural luminous glow from within while the Targeted Tone Corrector offers to eliminate those dreaded dark spots in just two weeks. Full Review and Swatches.

Editor Press Samples: I don't know about you dolls but I know that not only in the summer time I like to wear products that just evens out my skin tone and enhances my natural skin, but I do like to do that more often all year round because I highly believe in letting your skin breathe and to work with what your momma gave you by adding  just a touch of something to even out the appearance of our skin and add natural luminous glow from within.

Aveeno's Positively Radiant CC Cream from fair to light or medium will do just that and then some.

This CC cream is made with Soy Complex that will Correct, Protect and Prefect your skintone. The light weight formula melts right into your skin creating a natural blank canvas that brings out your natural beauty. If you hyper pigmentation, suffer from dull skin,enlarged pores, acne,fine lines and wrinkles this CC cream will not accentuate any problematic features that you might have. You know how some complexion products they feel like they just sit on your skin will this to me personally feels like it becomes one with my skin doesn't feel like I have anything on. I believe this has a gel cream like consistency with a refreshing cooling effect. The scent is minimal and you do get a lot of product than your average CC cream because you get 2.5 fl oz that's alot and all you need is one pump and your good to go, but if you wanted to you can build up the coverage to me you can get a light to mid medium coverage which is pretty good in my personal opinion.
I do think that the shade ranges in the CC line is missing some skintones shades and that's one of the cons I have with this particular product. But besides that this is one of the best CC creams that I own up to date and chilis I own a lot! I love the natural glow I love how it looks like my skin but better  that I can feel comfortable in my own skin without having to over compensate with full coverage foundation and full makeup all day everyday. I don't know about you dolls but for a while I hated my skin or how my natural face looked, but now I am embracing it more and more everyday!

Next up we have the Targeted Tone Corrector aka it's a  Dark Spot Corrector.

Besides doing quick fixes on our problematic areas we also must use products that will better our skin over time. Typically I test and use a product for 2 weeks but I tested this product out for 3 weeks  to get more detailed results to share with you dolls.
My skin has been invaded by the dark spot plague that starts from right side of my face and it moves across in waves to the left side of my face. I have it all over my nose on the bottom of my chin, it's seriously an epidemic. So when I heard about this product I was all for in giving it a try, this product helps fade the appearance of dark spots and evens out your skin over time. It doesn't claim to completely illuminate the hyper pigmentation but it does make those spots to be less pigmented and less noticeable they are still there but not so rash how they used to be. Well those are the results that I have seen since I have started using this product day and night.

 The consistency is a light weight gel formula that instantly  absorbs into your skin and it does have a tingling sensation well at least that's why I experienced I don't know if you will have the same some people I have read said yes some said no but it's not uncomfortable or a burning sensation. It does have a mild pleasant scent but it dissipates within a few seconds after application.
I totally grade this product at an A if your looking for a skin care product that will help reduce those dreaded dark spots. 

Well Dolls if you have tried any of these products let me know in the comment section below, As always Thank You so much for stopping by and if you want to find me on twitter you can visit me @cynthiasdelrios and I am on instagram @cyndidr85 

Talk to you next time xoxo- C

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