Summer Days With Bare Minerals

Summer is in full swing and many of us are hitting the pools and beaches and romantic walks with a loved one. During the summer we go for light eye makeup looks and glowing skin for that perfect beach goddess glow. I have some amazing products from the Queen of natural beauty products Bare Minerals that will spruce up your summer day or sizzling nights featuring their Ready 8.0 eyeshadows in Nude Beach fetching name for the eyeshadow palette I might say and their newest launch Pop of Passion blushes that will hold up through the heat and give your skin a dewy look. Full Review and Swatches.
Editor Press Samples: Bare Minerals is mostly known for their loose powdered products from foundations,eyeshadows,blush you name it they were loose! but they have started formulating their products in pressed versions. And their latest launch Pop of passion blushes is more like a balm  type of product which is totally out of this world So let's start out with the blushes!

It is a small circular silver packaging with a see through lid for you to see the color your reaching for. It does clasp really tight because you don't want the product to dry out. Only con to the packaging is that if your finger prints can be seen all over the place and it turns into a colored rainbow when it's under a light I don't know why but that bothers me I like my silver to be silver lol.

QVC offers two shades that are Mauve Passion and Guava Passion

Now these are not your usual cream blushes they may look like a cream product but they are not. These new innovative products are cheek balm blushes! BALM BLUSHES!!! Bare Minerals used passion fruit seed oils which is nourishing and hydrating  for the skin also it is enriched with vitamin e. Once the product has contact with your body warmth it melts right into your skin, don't stray away from the seed oil in this product because it locks in moisture and gives your skin that added hydration while giving your skin the most beautiful pop of warmth to your complexion. This product is clinically tested have you heard of a blush being clinically tested before!!?? This in swatch may not look all that appealing but once on your skin it adds that warmth and dewiness for that perfect natural glow. If you have large pores, acne prone skin, fine lines and wrinkles,dry skin, oily skin this will not accentuate those areas or problematic features. You can use this on any type of foundation from powdered, liquid, air brushed makeup you name it it will work fabulous darling! This will not rub off until you take it off with a cleanser.
Then in the QVC set you not only get the 2 passion blushes but you also get the soft focus brush that will apply the right amount of product and blend the product into your skin. The brush is soft and luxurious feeling and QVC brushes are always hands down the best brushes sold by themselves or in kits. Normally brushes aren't that great in kits no matter what brand your purchasing them in but with QVC you can never go wrong because the are pure amazing!

For the summer you want eye looks to awaken your whole eye area and look sultry,whimsical, bronzed goddess all in one eye look. With their Ready 8.0 eyeshadow palette in Nude Beach will give you all those colors to create countless summer days and sizzling night looks for the Summer and for all year round packed in this palette which is perfect and safe to travel with. You do get a couple of mattes and the rest or a satin metallic like finishes. 

I love the pull out packaging to this product I don't know why but after every use I always put it back in the box. The packaging for the palette is all black rubberized that does tend to get dirty quickly but if you take a makeup wipe and clean it your are all good to go.

On the back of the palette you do get all the names of the shadows they are not named inside the palette but at least you have them directly behind them.

When you open this palette you have a nice sized mirror with a clear plastic film saying HELLO. That is so cute. Don't you love it when your makeup speaks to you haha. I was like Hello Lovely in my head not out loud!

The palette does have a more warmer toned theme to it but it does have a couple pops of cooler toned eyeshadows. 

Each shadow is highly pigmented and silky to the touch they are really buttery in texture and consistency. They have very minimal to low fall out, I am an eyeshadow bully and I have been pleasantly surprised that they don't crumble or break. All the shadows in this palette all go great together you can break each section into duos or quads and still pull out some amazing different looks. 

Each shadow transition into each other beautifully without creating that muddied single eyeshadow look. They do not crease or fade within 9 hours of wear time and if you only use 1 of the shimmery shades all over you eye and blend it in the crease ooh chilis it looks stunning!! I am just loving loving this palette dolls I can't get enough of it. 

These swatches are not over primer because I wanted to show you how pigmented these are without a base to intensify the pigmentation. 

Well dolls if your looking to try any of these products out or get more information head on over to and check them out. Because they are beyond amazing!

Well Dolls as always Thank You so much for stopping by and until next time xoxo- C

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