Bigen Hair Care Products Review

PR~ Bigen, best known for being a hair color innovator from Japan, is expanding into the hairstyling and treatment category for the first time ever.   Featuring naturally derived ingredients from botanical sources, these four new products control frizz, nurture and repair to create silky, and smooth hair. For full review click read more~

Hello Beautiful Dolls, I wanted to share with you this brand Bigen. I personally have never heard of them but I am super happy I was introduced to this amazing brand that's originated in Japan. Which is super affordable that delivers salon quality performance.

Protect and Repair Shampoo and conditioner $4.99

  • feature rice water, the centuries old beauty secret of Asian women who would bathe in the water leftover from washing rice to keep hair and skin moisturized and supple.  Combined with sunflower oil, this nutrient rich, anti-breakage formula repairs both internal and external damage while creating lasting elasticity, body and overall shine.

This product had a thicker consistency that doesn't really suds up, so you have to put a hefty amount of product to get that rich lather. Really gets into the hair follicle shaft to clean and repair, after rinsing the product out your immediately can feel that your hair squeaky clean. Once you condition and dry out your hair you can notice and feel the difference in your hair. Looks much healthier, lots of shine, and no frizz. Frizz and I don't really get along so when I don't see her she's out of sight out of mind. This shampoo keeps her in check! The deep conditioner after 1 time use you can really see a major difference in your hair really gets in and repairs. Leaving your hair at an amazing healthy state, so if your hair is chemically treated you are really going to want to try this product I highly recommend it. For great performance, results and price.

Sheen Spray $4.99
Bigen Sheen Spray is a nourishing oil sheen and conditioning spray that combines a blend of natural botanicals including sunflower oil and shea butter to refresh dull strands and provide radiant, long-lasting shine.  

Now, I know this may sound odd that I am all about my beauty products but I have never heard of a sheen spray before, I didn't know what I would use or need it for. I know hence the name I just didn't put 2 and 2 together, but now I am all about it and I recommend everyone should have this in their beauty collection and hair care routine. After my hair is dried I will spray this product on, side note: for $5 you are getting amazing amount of product, that will last you a long time. : Make sure you definitely spray this product 10 inches away from your hair, if you spray it closer it's greasy city, and we don't want that! Leaves an amazing healthy looking shine and eliminates frizz. Overall this product is a win win all across the board.

 Well dolls I highly recommend Bigen for great quality products at an affordable price, don't let the packaging fool you, the performance super exceeded my expectations.  Check out their website where you can see their full collection
You can purchase products from their website as well as select beauty supply stores. 

 Well Dolls thanks for stopping by always remember "Everyday is your runway so you better work it! 
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