New Rimmel London Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner Review and Swatches

Rimmel London has been releasing new products at the drugstore for 2014, they released new primers, foundation, etc. They also released their new ScandalEyes Thick and Thin Waterproof felt tip eyeliner. I am predicting that Rimmel's 2~in~1 will be a major hit this year at the drugstore. Click Read More for full review and swatches. 

 Lately I have been hounding the drugstore for new displays and Rimmel London in my opinion has been busting out the most new products for 2014. They have come out with a new WATERPROFF!! 2-in-1 thick and thin felt tip eyeliner. I love when I see waterproof on the packaging, nothing more annoying to have an amazing look and your eyeliner moves under your eyes, or all up in your beautiful finished eye look in the crease or highlight! Trust me I have had that happened many times before! 

 Claims by Rimmel London US website on their new Thick and Thin eyeliner~
2-in-1 slanted felt tip liner to draw flawless thick and thin lines!
Unique applicator draws thick and thin lines
Intense colour lasts up to 24 hours
Waterproof and smudge-proof
Cdel Beauty's Thoughts~      
 I purchased this product for $5.00 and you could have  slapped a highend brand's name and bumped up the price and you would of believed it. The pigmentation is BLACK BLACK! With one stoke of the eyeliner you have such an amazing bold black, it will not budge or smudge. The claim of being waterproof is 1000% the truth, normally I have to retouch up my eyeliner 1x  through out the day, with this I don't have to touch up at all. 
The application to create the thin or thick is really simple, by slanting the product the thick line is created and to create the thin line just apply it straight on like you would normally with any eyeliner.
 Let me know if any of you have tried out their new Thick & Thin eyeliner or any products in their new collection. Thanks So much for reading and feel free to follow me on Instagram @cyndidr85 

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