New Wet N Wild 8 pan Poster Child Review and Swatches

 The new year is here and so is the new Wet N Wild displays at the drugstore filled with new add on's to their permanent collection. Today's beauty feature is on their newly released 8 pan eyeshadow palette in Poster Child. 

   Ok so just a quick run down Wet N Wild has added some new products to their permanent collection for spring 2014 that includes~

  • 5 pan eyeshadow palettes
  • 3 New Single eyeshadows 
  • Lipbalm lip stains
  • Glittery nail polishes
  • 8 pan palette in Poster Child
Poster Child at first glance can either be intimidating or amazingly bold and fun to play in.


 Like in great Wet n Wild fashion you get your 2 Brow Bone Shades, 2 Eyelid Shades, 2 Crease Shades, and 2 Definer Shades. Let the consumer know where to put each shade is highly affective to those who are new to makeup and do not know exactly where to put each shade. It takes away the anxiety of have 8 eyeshadows and not having a clue on how to wear them. 
 Once your comfortable you really don't have to follow the placements to create a look.

  Ok Now lets get into the nity gritty! I will link down below my review on 2 of their new 5 pans, a quick recap I love the new concept because it tells you more how to create or elaborate look, but some of the shades within the palette were hits and misses. The formula isn't the same old same old Wet N Wild they added Argon oil, to treat while you wear.

 Something with the Poster Child I hate to even say it! I know many people might love it, but I am just giving you my full 1000% honesty. 

 This had so much potential but it failed to deliver, the pinky brow shade is barely noticeable. I mean I used Too Face shadow insurance and the NYX jumbo pencil in milk and it still didn't show up after I am sitting there swatchy swatchy and diggy! And for it to be chalky and you have to work to build up the color intensity just seems so much work. 
 This new collection had so much potential and it's so sad to see it being a big flop in my eyes and own personal opinion. Here are swatches with the 2 primers and you can see the lack of pigmentation. 

 Well there you have it my personal and honest thoughts on the new Poster Child 8 pan, let me know what is your thoughts on the new Wet N Wild collection for 2014 as a whole, are you excited to try somethings or no? I know everyone is different and I would love to hear your in put. Thanks for reading Remember Every Day is your Runway so you better work it!!! Until next time 

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