Wet N Wild 2014 New Collection pt 1

The Wait is finally over Wet N Wild new permanent collection is starting to hit the mass market shelves. They will be discontinuing some old faves and ringing in the new year with a new look and new products to choose from. Want in on this Breaking Beauty News? Click Read More ~~

  Wet N Wild has been a go to brand for many of us makeup junkies they are extremely affordable and many of their eyeshadows have been spot on dupes for higher end products 2x's more the cost. But their products have been really repetitive and if you own all of their permanent collection you will go jumping through hoops trying to find their Limited Editions.

  Now Wet N Wild has started to release their new collection that will be in their permanent line, a new 8 pan of fun vibrant colors, new 5 pan eyeshadows that tell you where to apply the shades, and Lip balm lip stains.  Today's focus is on their new 5 pan palettes, I was only able to pick up 2 and will be on the hunt for the others.

 Price and Packaging~
 These cost $3.99 but they currently have $1.00 off coupons on them since these are part of a new collection whenever Wet N Wild Releases new products they always place an instant coupon.
The 5 shades are broken down to Base, Definer, brow bone, crease, lid. I like how they tell you on the shades where to place each shade to create that more elaborate look. Their trios only had lid,crease, brow bone. So if your new to makeup you can create the more elaborate look in a 1,2,3 easy steps.

 You have probably heard the saying "Don't fix if it's not broken" the formulation of these new palettes has significantly changed. I used 2 primers plus a Maybelline color tattoo and it was very difficult to create that look I was trying to achieve. The lack of consistency of pigmentation within the shades is a major let down some shades in the 5 pan were more pigmented then others. The shades had fall out, chalky, not really easy to blend, I also had a really hard time trying to build up the intensity of the color.

Final Thoughts~
I was really excited to find out Wet N Wild was coming out with a new permanent collection, I do love the concept of the 5 pans on where they tell the consumer where to place the shades to create a more elaborate look and the price is amazing, but!!!! I really feel Wet N Wild really dropped the ball on this one. These palettes had so much potential Wet N Wild is a go to brand in the drugstore because of the amazing price and they were spot on dupes for higher end products with a high price point.  I feel that if they wouldn't have changed the formulation of their products these would sell out like hot cakes at waffle house.

  I will be reviewing their Lip Balms in my next posting but I had to share my thoughts on these eye shadows if you had to ask me I would say skip it. Or you might fall in love with them, but I have to give you my honest 1000% opinion.

 Thanks for reading until next time xoxo- Cyndi

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