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  When shopping around for lipsticks what are the main qualities that you look for? Pigmentation? Lasting Power? Matte, Glossy, Satin Finish, great range of shades, does it fan and feather? Buying a lipstick can be a little bit overbearing because you will not know how it's going to look once you put it on your lips and how the lasting power is going to be. Well I have found an amazing brand that has your back and your lips covered, You want in? Click Read More

 To top off a great complete makeup look you need that perfect shade of lipstick or lip combo to finish off that look. A lipstick can say so many things with out having to say 1 single word. Red lip can say "Hey I am bold and feeling sexy" a pink lip can say your "fresh and flirty"  I recently stumbled upon a new cosmetic company named MUA Addiction now don't get confused with the other MUA the difference in name is that Mua Addictions is pronounced mua like if your going to give someone a kiss.

I have 2 lip sticks and lip glosses that I have absolouly have fallen in in love with. MUA Addiction is Toxic Lipstick and Lipgloss and No PreNup lipstick and lipgloss.

 Lets Talk about MUA Addiction's Current Collection:
Brushes, Eyeshadow, Lipstick and Lipgloss and many more!
There is a shade of  lipstick and lip gloss for every single shade in the rainbow

Packaging- Is black and chic very simple which to me just fits the brand because the colors are so bright and bold and the packaging is simple just                                                                makes a perfect marriage. 

Side Note: I love how when shopping for  the products it is VERY SHOPPER FRIENDLY!! If your like me I love to have a lip gloss that goes great with my lipsticks for a great lip combo. Sometimes it's really hard to find that perfect lip gloss for that bright bold lipstick. The lipsticks and lip glosses have the same name so it just makes it super easy to find that right lip gloss for that amazing lip combo.

The Lipsticks and Lip glosses are extremely pigmented, you do not have to build the intensity of the color just one swipe and your good to go. Lipsticks last about 6-6 1/2 hours with talking and drinking and eating non  greasy foods, and the lip glosses can be worn by themselves because they are so richly pigmented and stains your lips. 

Con's~ A little bit drying on the lips so wear a lipbalm before and after each application, their website is currently in construction so if you want to check out their latest product selection  I will link their instagram down below, I know Nina Santiago from Nineunrated will be selling MUA Addiction on her website.

~ Check These Lips ~
Final Verdict: If your a person who loves a bold lip your going to love the great range of shades available to choose from. Even though they currently do not have a website you can still place orders I believe through their instagram, Check out collection your will love the great selection of products to choose from besides great lippys!!! 
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