New Maybelline Master Glaze by Facestudio Review

 Don't you love when you see new display stands at the drugstore? I know I feel like a kid seeing a new toy and I have to have it! Well I saw an amazing display from Maybelline NY filled with brand new products from their Master Glaze by facestudio collection. So before I went craycray i just picked up one of their new Glaze blush sticks as well I have lots of pictures of their new collection take a peek you know you want to! Click Read more to read full post~~

   The whole display peeked my interest but I really wanted to play it safe due to the fact I was shopping at a store that doesn't accept any makeup returns once it's opened. I picked up the Glaze blush stick in #10 Just Pinched Pink for $8.00 before opening the package I honestly thought I was going to get a lot of product because the stick is short and stubby, and they tricked me. Once i swatched it I was blown away, this blush is in it's league of it's own. The blushes I own in my collection are matte or have a little shimmer. 

 This blush is really pigmented and applies smoother than butter, it really glides on your skin. The finish is like a sheen, glowly, highlight never before have i ever tried an amazing blush like this. It really adds this luminosity to your cheeks, blends away beautifully.  I have been wearing this blush for 8hrs and i can still see the blush normally i would have had to touch up by now but its not moving! 

So with a coupon I can over look the $8.00 price tag and it has a finish that none of my other blushes have,  so i grade this product an A++
 Let me know if any of you dolls pick anything from the Maybelline Master Glaze collection by Facestudio I can't wait to try the other products out! 

Thanks for taking the time to read until next time xoxo- Cyndi

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