Buy it Or Leave It- Milani Liquid Eye

Hello Dolls and Gents I hope and pray that you all are having an Amazing Day. So Amigos I wanted to share with you guys a product that I just picked up and that is the Milani Liquid Eye *liquid-like eye liner pencil*  I will be sharing with you at the end if I think if this product is a "Buy it or Leave it" Take a quick second to guess, keep reading to see if you were RIGHT!!!!

Milani has been talked about all over You Tube for sometime now, I remember used to seeing the Milani stand at CVS but just never even thought to take the time to actually try out the product. After seeing so many reviews and product praises, my interest in this cosmetic line completely grew. Now I currently own a few items from Milani that I  purchased in the past couple of months.

 You can find Milani cosmetics at most drugstores, their prices range from $3.00- $12.00. They have a great range of products from nail-polish to highlighters, you can find an array of shades for any taste in color, as well for any skin tone. I recently picked up their Liquid Eye ( liquid- like eye liner pencil) This collection has 5 shades they are :  01 Black, 04 Aqua , 05 Brown, 06 Graphite, 07 Perfect Purple. Each eye liner cost about $6.99 depending on where you purchase it.  The two that I will be reviewing are 01 Black and 04 Aqua.

Here's what Milani says about this particular collection:

 Sometimes the best choices are the ones you never have to make. With Liquid Eye, there's no need to sacrifice a smooth, easy application in achieving that bold, liquid look. Color glides on effortlessly and stays in place for smudge-proof, long-lasting wear. Here at Milani, that means up to 24 hours! And because it's naturally 100% paraben-free, you can be sure your bold look is also a gentle one.

At first glance it just looks like any other eyeliner pencil, that you have to sharpen. The packaging is long and sleek like a pencil but a little bit smaller in width. Now, this eyeliner is not like any other eyeliner, it really is liquidly. There are no words to compare how this product glides on, I can say it's smoother than butter! I have my money on pork fat! jaja. Seriously, it really is liquid eye liner, with out the bottle in a pencil form. The pigmentation of this product is very bold, you can achieve any look. If your going for a smaller precise line to a thicker line you will create that look with this eye liner. If you are a beginner or a person who can not get that winged look down packed I would highly recommend this product to you. Especially that it does have an amazing lasting power, I can surely say with a 100% certainty, this product will last you up 24hrs. When I try products I like to see if it really lasts as long as they say it would, when i tested this product i did my 2 eyes with both colors and it was still on my eye lids!

 So I diffently would have to say that the Milani Liquid Eye liquid eye liner pencil is a : " BUY IT," product.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this product if you have tried it.
  XoXo- C

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