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Pixi Beauty is a brand that you can purchase at your local Target Beauty section and is one of my all time favorite beauty brands to talk about here on CdelBeauty. This brand offers a great range of  products from makeup to skincare at an affordable price while providing high performing luxurious results. Their new Spring 2016 collection offers both makeup and skincare products that are on point with the current trends that are ripped off the New York Fashion week runways for the every day women. Also a couple of their newest items are spot on dupes for some of the higher end brands at half of the cost.

Editor Press Samples: Hey Chilis! I know it's been a long time for the gawds hunnie! But I am back! And normal posts will return to it's normal schedule :) I don't know about you dolls but when Spring is in the air my spirits goes up from 0 to 100 real quick. This past winter I have slacked majorly on my skincare routine and let me tell you dolls a lot of Pixi's newest products has kicked my skin problems in the behind and has been prepping this wonderful canvas for this Spring and Summer makeup trends. I have split their newest collection into a two part series so here's the first part of their new collection available now at Target.

I have to say that Pixi has really stepped up their game with their products from last year and when I thought they couldn't get any better. Well I have to eat my words and get wowed each and every time. 

Many of us chilis always forget to prep our lips especially after the cold winter months which is highly important because our lips have accumulated a lot of dead skin and they are not soft and plump at all. Dolls I am not going to lie they can look nasty at TIMES! And you become self conscious at times in the presence of your significant other. But! Pixi has your back with their Nourishing Lip Polish with Apricot and Grapefruit Oils.

This has truly been a gawd send now that I am back in a new and exciting relationship I don't want my boyfriend kissing my chippity chapped lips! 
The sleek squeeze tube comes with a head that has tiny bristles that aides in the exfoliation/ removal of dead skin off of your lips. You can apply the lip product like a lip balm through out the day but when I apply it in the a.m. and in the p.m. before I go to bed I like to apply this product in circular motions to really get every inch of dead skin off of my lips. The apricot and grapefruit oils offer emollient, skin-smoothing, and antioxidant benefits. So your getting all the right points for soft plumped kissable lips, and let me tell you chilis it's boyfriend approved!

Another trend from 2015 that has carried onto 2016 is glowing radiant skin. Glowtion Day Dew will leave your skin looking like a radiant goddess. You can use this product in 2 ways, apply a thin layer onto cleansed skin it as your mosituriszer for that natural glow from within or you can use it on top of your makeup for a natural highlight. 

There is a soft green tea scent in my personal opinion but it does goes away after the product has set on your skin after a minute or so. It comes in a long sleek squeeze tube packaging that can be convienant but also annoying once the product is on the last leg. Once you pump the product out it does have a pearlescent color with tiny hints of shimmer. It's not to much that you will look like a Studio 54 disco ball it's very subtle so I really like that a lot.

  For my skin tone it looks better as above the makeup highlight verses an all over moisturizer because on my skin tone once it sets the final color leans more to a monochromatic pink. But either way you personally use Glowtion Day Dew it will not disrupt your powder or liquid makeup but once it sets it sets and will not budge, crease or fade after x amount of hours of wear. And you will be looking 4 snaps snaps of FIERCENESS!

Last year Pixi released their Mattelustre lipsticks and let me tell you dolls hands down I L.O.V.E. these lipsticks like I love white chocolate. They are highly pigmented, long wearing, and very comfortable on the lips. This formula is different and feels more like velvet mousse on the lips upon first application it does have a satin glossy finish but sets to a matte finish but not a flat dry matte. 

 And if your like me and hate flat mattes these lipsticks are for you! They do not fan or feather into the chippity chapped areas of your lips so that's always a plus. There is minimal transference from drinking, eating and kissing so your boyfriend will really appreciate that and it makes life easier on not having to reapply the lipstick every 15 mins. The newest and latest shade for this Spring is Raspberry Blush that is suitable for all makeup looks and will look stunning on all skin tones. 

Last but not least the star of the show the Book of Beauty "Minimal Makeup"

This small sleek book ( palette) comes with everything you need to create an effortless minimal look that is trending for this Spring and Summer 2016.  You get 2 highlighters, 2 blushes, and 2 eyeshadow duos that comes out to 4 eyeshadows.  Every product with the exception of 1 are highly pigmented, long wearing, easy to build up and blend out. And! this palette offers a major DUPE ALERT!

With row #1 you get a natural silver champagne bronzey color * best way I can explain it* and an all white highlighter. Both of them look amazing on the skin and! if you have fallen in love with Becca Cosmetics highlighter in Pearl but that price tag doh! Stops you from buying it well in this palette you will get that exact highlighter but you get more products for the money at half the cost! Both of these highlighter make you glow like a beacon of light for the gawds hunnie! The people who are walking on the moon can see that #HIGHLIGHTONFLEEK  There is absolutely no shimmer and glitter which is a major plus, I even like to use these to set my under eye concealer for a brightening effect. 

The 2 blushes that are in the palette are suitable for a minimal look. The coral pink blush is the only down fall in this palette it does have some fall out and it does require you to build up it. You have to be very careful in the process because it can look chalky on the skin if you put too much on. Either way it does look gorgeous once you build it just right. The other blush comes in a satin brown nude that looks gorgeous on my medium skin tone also if you have a lighter complexion than me you can even use this a bronzer or a contour.

The 4 eyeshadows in this palette offers a mix of matte and satin finishes. Which gives you the right balance in creating an eye look from highlight color, transition, crease, definer, and lid. Sometimes with palettes like these you have to reach for another palette to complete a look but with this one you don't have to so it's perfect to throw in your purse or backpack when your on the go. 

None of the shadows are chalky or have any fall out which I had expected from the mattes but nothing, the mattes reminded me a lot like Tarte's Tartelette palette and I hated matte eyeshadows before that palette and because of it I love it and to find a cheaper alternative well shoot that's a drugstore gem right there! The shadows didn't crease or fade over primer, but without primer the shadows length of wear was about 6 hours before I started seeing the shadows fade which was pretty good in my personal opinion.

Well Dolls this new 2016 Spring collection is on point with the current trends from makeup to skincare and I always get blown away by Pixi's newest launches.  I do have a few more products to share with you so def check back chilis!

If you would like more product and purchase information you can head on over to Target's website to check out the rest of what Pixi has to offer at:

Or head on over to Pixi's website at :

Well dolls do you think you will be picking up any of Pixi's newest Spring collection? Let me know in the comment section below.

As always Remember!
Every Day is your runway so you better work it! 


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