Maybelline New York Gilded In Gold and Up In Smoke Holiday 2015 Sets

The Holidays are vastly approaching and as we are looking and shopping for the best gifts for our family and friends is one of the most stressful part of the Holidays. Especially if your looking for that right beauty gift to give to a makeup enthusiast while staying in your Christmas budget. During the Holiday season highend brands in Sephora or Ulta are known for the lavish and amazing gift sets but those can be out of your price point at times. You really can't find any great kits or palettes in the drugstore aisles that that offer great performance and quality up on until now. For this Holiday 2015 Maybelline New York Gilded In Gold and Up In Smoke sets were released at the drugstore. These sets mimic highend brands Holiday sets but at the fraction of the price. So if your shopping for someone who likes natural shades or someone who prefers more dramatic looks Gilded In Gold and Up in Smoke will suit someone on your Christmas list.

Editor Press Samples: I don't know about you dolls but I was so pumped to hear that Maybelline was releasing these palettes. I screamed finally full face and eye sets that make perfect gifts for loved ones or myself lol at a great affordable price point. Maybelline is one of the leading drugstore beauty/makeup brands so I had a huge feeling that these palettes were not going to disappoint and dolls they didn't.

Each palette comes in a nice all black reflective sturdy packaging with the M Logo and the name of the palette on the front. Yes the packaging is sleek and beautiful but it is finger print city and the palette comes with an impeccable sized mirror.

Each set includes:

  • 4 Eyeshadows that compliment eachother
  • 1 Blush
  • 1 Highlight
  • 1 Lipgloss
  • 1 Eyeliner
  • Step By Step Tutorial to recreate a Maybelline signature Holiday look

When you first lift up the lid to the palette on the top tier you have your eyesshadows, blush,liner and gloss.There's two little nubs on both sides of the palette once you open those then the highlighter and applicator is on the bottom tier. 

In the Gilded Gold palette you get 4 neutral toned satin finished eyeshadows that are pink ,light champagne, gold, and a bronze brown color. Each shadow is super creamy and buttery with no fall out and the opacity of these shadows do not disappoint. They transition and blend beautifully into one another without creating that muddied single eyeshadow look. They do not crease or fade after 7 to 8 hours of wear. Which is a major plus because the Holidays is where we take loads and loads of pictures and we are out and about for long hours at a time and it's not cute for our makeup to be disappearing  shortly after application. 

The blush in this set is a rustic burnt rose color which will look flattering on all skin tones in my personal opinion. Great pigmentation, easy to work with and long wearing. The color of the blush pulls nicely with  the completed look so I really do think Maybelline did an excellent job of the color selection for this palette. The  finish is a velvet matte that doesn't cling on to any problematic features that may have of concern.

The set also includes a red lip gloss that isn't to sticky and adds a nice wash of color. With a black kohl pencil liner. None of the two has a Maybelline logo imprinted on the packaging. I  really wished they would have placed a tiny imprint on the lip gloss and liner. I also think instead of the black eyeliner they should have went with a brown or a bronze color because it looks kinda harsh with your soft gold bronze look.

The highlighter that comes in the palette is a yellow gold with tiny flex of gold sparkles that isn't chunky glitter that will make you look like a Studo 54 disco ball. The texture and consistency reminds me of a cream to power formula when the product itself is powder. This highlighter adds the right amount of beacon of light to the areas that you highlight without making you look oily and will not cling to areas we do not want to accentuate like fine lines and wrinkles, dry patches etc.

The Up in Smoke palette is in the same set up as in the Gilded in Gold but this palette's theme is geared more to dramatic night time party looks but you still can pull off a day time smokey eye.

The four eyeshadows in this palette also have satin finishes minus one which is a matte. The shadows that you get are white,silver, gun metal with silver flex and 1 black matte. Performance and wear are exactly like the Gilded In Gold which I am ecstatic about because sometimes in collections like these where there is multiple palettes with the same theme different colors one palette is a hit and the other is a miss no matter if it's from the drugstore or highend I always run across that. So whichever palette you get you know both of these are going to be excellent in quality.

The blush that comes in this palette is a baby pink which I personally think wasn't the right color selection because to me the darker shadows and the baby pink don't go together like peanut butter and jelly. From light to medium  skintones the baby pink will look flattering on the skin but for the dolls with deeper skintones the blush will appear more on the ashy side. My friend who has deeper skintone used this palette to create a look and the blush just didn't fit the bill. I wish they would have selected a more universal color like an apricot, light mauve, heck even a rose color would have worked better in my personal opinion. But other than that the blush is pigmented, long wearing, and doesn't cling on to unflattering areas. 

You get the same black eyeliner just like in the previous palette and in this palette the lip gloss is in a baby pink which I can appreciate and see why they went with this color verses another lip color. 

The highlight though in this palette is beyond beyond beyond amazing! In the pan it looks peachy but on the skin it is more peachy pink with a slight rose gold depending on how the light hits it which I love! The texture is like Hunny I can't believe it's not butter and 1000 Egyptian count cotton combined. I was blown away from this highlighter on how it feels and how it looks on the skin. Every time I open the bottom tier it's like the angels are singing and the harps are playing. It is just breath taking in the pan and on the skin on top of that I have received so many compliments when I have used this highlighter in my daily makeup routine for work.

Well Dolls both of these full face palettes are worth giving to your family,friends, co-workers, and let's not forget about ourselves this Holiday season. You can create an array of looks for everyday to dramatic glam all year round. On top of that you get everything you need minus foundation to create a full look that comes in a great compact palette that you can stick in your purse or tote and go. 
I give these a 9/10 with the minor con of the baby pink blush in the Up in Smoke palette by not being a universal color suited for all skin tones. Is there a specific palette that caught your eye? I would love to hear what you dolls think.

Also I do have a Holiday look with both of these palettes coming up soon so check back very soon!

As always Thank You So Much for stopping by and always remember
"Every Day Is Your Runway So You Better Work It!!"
Until next time xoxo- Cynthia

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