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Spring is here! The birds are chirping the warm weather is in full force and finally yes finally GOOD BYE SNOW! As our makeup routines are starting to become more minimal and more of that no makeup makeup looks I have some beauty products to share with you all today from Pop Beauty who is pretty well known cosmetics brand in UK, Europe, USA and so on. They offer great quality high performing affordable makeup. Full  Review and Swatches

  Editor Press Samples: I don't know about you but I am loving simple beauty looks lately after I watched a video from Wayne Goss the famous Youtube makeup artist/vlogger I have embraced my natural simple beauty more than my beat the face and slay look haha. So I have some products that are Fierce in themselves but offer a whole range of looks for simplistic elgant beauty to full on fierce going out in the Cleveland Ohio downtown area.

Face Products:

In the warmer months you really need to extend your makeup to last longer especially in the warmer climate. Pop Beauty's Face Magnet performance fits the name, your tinted moisturizer,bb cream, foundation both in liquid and powder will cling on to your skin like a magnet for extensive wear time and through the heat especially my good old buddy Mr.Hot Flash who I wish we could divorce already. The texture is more of a cream meets gel based they got married and had a baby and the texture would be this product. After initial application your skin has a slight  tacky feeling but once you apply your base the tackiness feeling goes away. Which in my mind I am actually liking that because I have noticed my foundation lasting longer because it's clinging to dear life. You know how refreshing it is to be all sweaty and lightly dab a paper towel and not see all your foundation on to the paper towel. I highly suggest this product to anyone living in warmer areas of the world and if you suffer from hot flashes then chilis you need this in your life like yesteryear.

In the Spring I still want to become a minimalist beauty but I still have dreaded dark circles, dark spots,redness ect. So i am still going a little bit cray on concealing certain areas of my face.

This concealer has the green to reduce my redness, a yellow shade to diffuse the blue and purple veins that cause my dreaded dark circles, and 2 skin color shades of concealer that I can use under my eyes or around my face for the dark spots. I have read somewhere someone said that this concealer was dry and not the best in application so I had my argon oil ready to drop onto the product to soften it up. But it's really smooth it's not to creamy or to dry and it really does a great job for concealing my problematic areas. Doesn't crease or fade after a few hours but I did notice that if I didn't apply my eye cream that it accentuated the dryness I have under my eyes. But other than that if you pick this up and you have dry under eyes or fine lines and wrinkles moisturize and prep before applying.

I have been working on my brow game for some time now and Pop has a brow powder quad that if your a beginner you should really look into this product.

The brow powder palette is a universal palette that will suit anyone in my personal opinion. You have all the shades to fill in your brows and you can also mix the shades together to create your own. There is 1 highlighter shade and 3 shades that will provide the look of natural brows, they are a little bit on the dryer side but once applied they will not rub off. You can even use this palette for eyeshadows when your on the go.There are 2 applicators that are provided which will help you in filling in your brows I don't think they are the best quality but you can still get a good use out of them.

Just like a face primer we all need eye shadow primer, not only to bring out the intensity of the shadows but also to neutralize your lid color.

The eye magnet is the exact same like the face magnet in texture,feel, and performance. It will aide in evening out your eye lid area for a smooth blank canvas ready for your shadows. Or if you want to skip out on the shadows you can use this by itself to awaken your eyes for a brightened  well rested look.

In Spring loads of us dolls love bringing out brighter eyeshadow colors and saying good bye to the dark vampy looks. Pop has some amazing loose pigments that come in an array of shades and finishes to choose from.

Like any loose pigments they are already pigmented lol,  They are a bit messy which is standard but the quality are good. You can tell from a bag pigment to a good one and these are good ones. They last a while on your lids they do not crease or fade after x amount of time. I do like who there are different finishes in the line and you can create simple looks to bold fun eye catching looks. Plus you get a lot of product for less than 10.00 that is going to last you a while. I do have some fun looks up and coming using these pigments so be on the look out!

Next up is their Peak Performance Mascara which at first I felt that this was a gimicky product but in reality it's really great to get right up into the lash line for more volume,curl and it helps tight lining your lash line. Which this is a full on dupe for the It Cosmetics tight line mascara

If you have spruce lashes then you really want to look into this mascara it will give your lashes that natural falsie lashes look. It doesn't say water proof or water resistant but it does not give me raccoon eyes after my 9 hour work shift and up holds during the humidity periods I go through lol. 

Can I get a woot woot for this My One Liner lol, I am now an official master in perfecting my winged out cat eye liner thanks to this little guy. I have really shaky hands which is a no go for my wing game but this is fool and goof proof. If by any chance you made a mistake you still have time to fix it but once it's set chilis it's set!. It will not budge or move until you physically take it off with a cleanser or  makeup remover. It's not the blackest of the blackest it could be a little bit more black but I still use it and still love it. The tip just glides onto the contours of your eyes while being firm and not flimsy that that your going to have skid marks of liner all over the place. I highly highly! Recommend this liner if your new to winging out your looks you will diff get some killer wings without any major effort.

The Stain Stay collection is lip stains in a marker form,even though it's a marker packaging you would automatically think drying on the lips but it's quite moisturizing and has a satin finish. The scent kinda reminded me of scented markers but it isn't to over powdering, you can use these by themselves and get 3-4 hours of wear time with your normal talking,drinking and eating non greasy foods or as a base to any other lip products. They do fan a little bit of around the edges of your lips but it's minimal.

 Pouty Lip crayons has been a go to lately as well texture is creamy and glides on your lips, the opacity of each shade I have is to the nines I do not have to build up the pigmentation. they feel moisturizing no the lips, they do not dry them out either and ooh Fuchsia Flirt gives me life lol, all 3 of them do but that one is my favorite lip color right now because with my light medium skin tone I love shades like this especially when I start to get tanner.

If you want something to wear even more light weight that will add a nice wash of color to your lips their lip balms are a great option to use.

They are moisturizing with good ingredients and the color pay off to these lovely balms are really surprising. I thought they would be very very very sheer but they are not as you can see in the swatches they are pretty pigmented and they do not have a  minty smell or taste. Or that greasy type feeling of a balm which makes me in L-O-V-E!

Well dolls that's it for some products that I have been using so far this Spring.Have you tried any of Pop Beauty's products before let me know in the comment section below.

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Well loves I will see you in the next post and as always Thank You for stopping by Until Next Time xoxo- C

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