Fall Essentials

     Fall is in the Air....

That time of year has come where we have to put our brights and lights back into storage, and bring out our darker shades in our beauty products and fashion statements.  


 It's so much harder for some of us to say "Goodbye" summer dress, and hot pink nails. I happen to love everything about Fall this is my favorite time of year, it's not snowing just yet so I am not a horrible driver, I can bust out a hoodie and not have to worry about boots and mittens. I love Fall Fashion the color hues and the layering of the outfits just peak my fashionista self.  So this year I have been noticing in the Drugstore and the Highend Brands that berries and plums are the "IT" color of the season, which I have been loving because you can create so many different looks that look drop dead diva gorgeous. You can create great bold eye looks that gives you the seductive isk look. Like hmm I wonder what she has up her sleeve?? To a simple nude eye look with a juicy berry lip to go with it. 

All in all I always think Fall is the express yourself season where you can bring out that artists in you and create some deeper set mysterious looks. Which makes me totally think of vampires, watch out Bella! We have some newbies in Town! hey Edward how you doin! jaja. Here are some of the products that i have been rocking out and have been LOVING! YOU NEED TO GO GET YOU SOME! I highly recommend them!  

Remember Everyday is your runway so you better work it Dolls especially that the leaves are falling our runways look amazing. Let me know what products that you have been rocking out for this Fall Season, I have been on a hunt to find some deep set purples, that is to risky for me but you only live once, and all of a sudden I became a risk taker lol. Well Dolls thanks for reading and until next time. God Bless xoxo- Cyndi

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