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 Sunshine Award What!!! I am super excited to receive the Sunshine Award. I was nominated by an amazing person inside and out who has a huge heart! I love her Tagline in her profile "Join me on my journey for feeling beautiful from the inside out. +Ashley Maria  is a super amazing blogger as well! Check her page out, you will be instantly hooked!

So what is The Sunshine Award??
The Sunshine Award is "given to those who inspire us and bring 'sunshine' into our lives."

1. What made you start blogging and why? Well I was the person who always hated makeup, late last year my grandma purchased me my very first makeup bag that I actually used and get my glam on.  It opened a whole new passion inside me.

2. When did you first wear makeup? Late Last year
3. What are your Fall go-to makeup colors? PLUMS AND CRANBERRY
4. Where is your favorite place to relax? I know sounds weird, i work in the mall and everytime i am on break i go to the Macy's Bathroom! they have a separate little living room, and it is very relaxing.
5. Who's your favorite beauty guru? WhatWouldLizzyDo
6. Where is your dream vacation? Belize

7. If you were on a deserted island, what beauty items would you have? Hourglass Mineral Primer Veil

8. What is the one thing you like about blogging the most? sharing my passion with others and talking to like minded Dolls!

9. Favorite Fall treat? Carmel Sea Salt Creamer
10. What is your dream job? Why? Benefit Cosmetics i would die happy if i worked there.
And That Concludes My Sunshine Nomination Q&A  Given by the Lovely Ciao Bella +Ashley Maria 
 Ok, Ladies I am super excited to see what your Q&A's are! Here are my questions to you lovely dolls!
  1. How long have you been blogging
  2. What is your guilty pleasure *stick your head out of the gutter!
  3. What is the all time worst product you ever encountered and why
  4. What is your top 3 repurchased products.
  5. What would you rather have "Youtube Fame" or "Blogger Fame"
  6. What advice would you give to a new blogger
  7. Who is your favorite Guru
  8. What drugstore product that you feel isn't worth the hype
  9. What highend product that you feel isn't worth the hype
  10. Would you be my sweetie on sweetie's day hahaha

Don't you just love tags and awards...? :)

Until we talk again ladies...



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