A Big Thank You

Hey Dolls, I am back from my little bloggy vacation and I am in full swing. Thank You to those who shown me so much love and support from the last my last post Am I a Women? I shared with the world a personal struggle and one of my many recent health diagnosis. I have been building up anger and some depression over everything then I have been going through this past year. ** To Read full Article Click Below***

   I am the type of person that you could call a pressure cooker. I hold it in, hold it on, and then when one thing happens I burst figuratively speaking. So I wrote that last article to vent and as well to talk to others who are in the same boat as myself. It truly is a blessing that so many of you showed  me so much love and support. You have no idea how your kind words and just being there without even knowing me, helped me by getting over this hump I couldn't go over. I turned to beauty reviews as an outlet of therapy to keep myself from going insane in the membrane LOL.    I never imagined I would meet such a beautiful group of women who are very supportive and caring. I am still in awe of the amazing women I have come to meet in the beauty community. After running into a few beauty bloggers who weren't that very pleasant, I have met such an amazing group of women. I can not stop saying that enough! So a big fat thank you, and huge hug from me to you, Thank You so much for being amazing and supportive, and helping me get over this funk I have been in. My blogs will be back in full swing, I have some great products I want to share with you all.   Remember everyday is your runway so you better work it doll! Thanks For reading until next time. XoXo- Cyndi


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