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 If your a newbie or a veteran blogger, you know your name or logo is your brand. Like Walmart or Target they all have a logo, when you see that logo you instantly think of the store and the brand itself. That's how our blog buttons and banners are,  they are our logos to market ourselves on our social media platforms.  So you really want to take the time to create your logo and if you don't know how to like myself there is always the option to enlist the help of someone who is creative and  will take what you envision into reality, That's what Laurie Marks did and she did it within 24hrs and Dolls she did an amazing job!

 Now I have been blogging for about a year now and I still don't know the basics on creating buttons and banners. It can be a little discourging but don't fret! There are people in this world who have amazing talent and one of those people is Laurie Marks. I asked her to help me with creating a new button and banner and she took that and made it into reality within 24 hours! That's fast, but she didn't do it in a cheap manner and just threw something together she made it into a beautiful master piece that will be my new logo.

 If your thinking of wanting a new button or banner she will be starting up an Etsy shop where she will be selling buttons for $2.00 and banners for $5.00 that's an amazing steal! Just think of your brand, when people will see that new eye catching logo readers will be more in tune to click on it and see who is behind that logo. That goes for companies to, so if you are a blogger who wants to work with companies and feature them on your site they will want to contact you to work with them.

Check out my amazing new logo Everything I had hoped for! Well Dolls Check out Laurie's amazing new venture and get yourself an amazing new logo at a very affordable price!!
Remember Everyday is your runway so you better work it!
Until next time xoxo

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